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my bgks both died last night!

i am so upset I went to bed last night and everyone was getting along great and seemed healthy and happy. this morning both my bgk were dead and so were 4 of 6 neons! I am so upset. I have been in the process of cycling my new tank so I could put them in and now they are gone! my 2 balas are still alive and I think they had something to do with it. I am now thinking of making my new 125gl a saltwater tank. I don;t know i am just so upset right now I could cry. I loved them more than my furry animals.

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Any chance you can post your water parameters? It must have had something to do with a "spike" in the water.
I'm really sorry you lost your fish. That's alot of fish to have to say goodbye to in one day.

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Im so sorry to here that..... I know how much you loved those BGK'S..:cr y::cr y::cr y:

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I'm so sorry to hear that. Were they attacked??

Hugs ( )

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Sorry for your loss, went through something similar not that long ago.
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holy cow!!! I just tested my water with the master test kit. pH was at 6.0 or less!!!! ammonia was at 8 ppm nitrites were at 0 and nitrates were at 40ppm!! I was testing with the strips (bad idea they are useless) and everything was coming up perfect the only problem i was having was nitrates were at 20ppm. So now I have to do a partial water change every day to get the pH up and the nitrates down. Is there anything I can do to get the ammonia down until friday (all fish stores are closed tomorrow). One of my bala sharks killed a neon tetra and I think that is what started the downfall of the tank because I couldn't find his body and assumed that he was eaten. I just got all the plants that I have gotten planted in the new tank but I don't want to put anyone in there until they are healthy. ( 2 pregnant female guppies, a male guppy, 2 neon tetras, 2 bala sharks) their eyes are huge and black like they are high. I know there is something wrong with them. I need to get them healthy and in the new tank so I can get the old tank to be a quarantine tank so I can get new bgks. The only bad thing is I can only find them at the chain stores. I am going to ask my amazingly informative LFS if they can special order me 1 or 2.
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I did a 35% water change last night and pulled out some of the gravel for the new tank. retested a moment ago and a little good news. Ph is going up it is now at 6.9 Ammonia is going down at 3.ppm, nitrites are still at 0 and nitrates are going down now at 5 ppm. Fran ( a pregnant guppy) her eyes seem to be not so dialated today. I have taken out all the plants and I added a little cup with salt in it.
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