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my 1st beta died today

I started off with one female Betta fish from PETCO and kept it at my job.
My boss fell in love with the little fishie and named her Betty. He insisted that Betty get a friend so we got Bert the Betta and a divider for the tank. Bert seemed to be constantly annoyed by Betty she tended to tease him and hed attempt to get through the divider to attack her. It was so cute. These simple little fish brought happiness to a very stressful job and made my boss happy which was a plus

We currently have a 2 and a half gallon tank, and filter and some kind of underwater Betta plant.

We determined that the cause of death was overfeeding because she was bloated.

Were a little confused because the container of Tetra Betta food said to feed her everyday

We plan on getting a new pet Betta for Bert my questions are:

1) whats the correct amount of food to feed a Betta
2) Are there any other marine critters that can get along with Bettas
3) I saw a baby Betta fishie at a pet store, it was incredibly tiny and i was wondering if these are hard to care for.

Bert is just fine hes happy and healthy and he only eats what he needs, skipping daily feedings.

any help would be most appreciated and any other helpful advice

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Depending on the kind of Betta food you are using, it could be anywhere between a few flakes or a few pellets. Specifically, my Betta eats about five pellets a day, and every once in a while gets a few freeze-dried blood worms as a treat. The blood worms help sustain his diet. If you need recommendations on Betta food, let me know. :D

In a tank that small, I probably wouldn't add any more critters; however, others here in the forums may be more experienced and know of some who may get along just fine. In my experience, I think the size is good for one Betta, but having two should be fine. :)

Now, this is based on my assumption, but if a baby fishie is at a store, it shouldn't take too much extra care, if any. Perhaps feed them two smaller portions twice a day (if possible), rather than once a day.

I haven't been on these forums and thought to stop by today. My absence started right after my own first Betta died (I've gotten a new one since then), so I thought it was appropriate to post with what I knew to this topic. :)

Best of luck!

Currently have Amethyst, named in honor of my other short-lived Betta.
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did u perhaps moved the betta into the tank as soon as u got her? I read some where that when you do that, it stresses the betta. When u purchase the betta, walk with it carefully, they are sensitive to motion. When you drive, drive carefully and smoothly as this can stress the betta as well. I had 5 bettas in my experience, and all died from shock i think. I transferred them from my home in palm springs to school in irvine, and after a week, they would die. That is my guess, or the water sucks, or i'm a terrible care-taker. I have 2 betta males (separate tanks, dun worry :) ) and one of them I had for 2 weeks so far. he started to look down so i got him a friend, and all they do is flare at each other. the new one that i bought looks a lil sick... my guess is cuz I walked around w/ it today. I went to the mall and bought him and i guess the walk from the store, to lunch, and to the parking lots, PLUS the commute to home was stressful for him. so hopefully he is ok... i'll update u later.

so yeah, when u purchase them, be very careful of it, and dun transfer it too quickly into the tank, after a few hours of ur purchase, dump some of the water out and put some de-chlorinated/ clean water into the cup/ bag/ bowl that you got the betta in, then after a few hours, transfer her into the tank, this may be a little too quick as well, it would help if you did this process slower, let your betta adjust.
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we had her sice september and we got bert in october

we actually noticed today that she laid eggs before she died im actually kind of suprised cause i thought that you needed perfect conditions and special heaters.

when we got the fish we werent planning on them breeding just pets, so can anyone tell me if theyll hatch and also my boyfriend found them by accident he was taking something out of the tank and he separated the eggs will they still hatch?
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It is highly unlikely any breeding occurred. The male builds a bubble nest and there is a wonderful dance of lurve.

I hope they weren't soggy food pellets.

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I thought the male would "squeeze" the females eggs out of her, soooo I don't think she could have laid eggs.
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