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Yes that is very true (about the quarantining, and about the life purpose of parasites). It is interesting to me, however, that when my heater failed and resulted in 56 degree water overnight, the cardinal tetras were the only ones affected. I had a school of 16 and 7 died of ich infection. I have 11 corydoras and none of them died. I carefully inspected them all for signs of ich - 7 of the cardinals (mostly the smaller ones) were just covered with it (in a matter of a few days) while the remaining ones and the corydoras had not a single speck. Same tank, same crisis. At the time all my water parameters were very good so I really think it had to do with the temperature change (everything else stayed constant).

I just found that interesting. I mean, among humans for example 30% are exposed to tuberculosis but only 5% or so develop disease. So, I guess it shouldn't be surprising if the same types of patterns are seen in fish. I don't know if they are though; mine was just one experience.
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There are no fish in the tank. Were it me,(and it ain't),, I would perform a 80 percent water change,raise the temp to 84 to 86 degrees,(speeds up ICH life cycle) and let the tank run for a week to ten days with no fish.
With heat mentioned,and no fish to infect,,the ICH parasite along with most bacterial pathogens will quickly die.
At the end of ten days.I would perform another 80 percent water change and replace carbon, lower temp to 74 to 76 degrees which would suit the Danios, or any of the tetras I mentioned earlier in this thread should OP dedcide to place a couple three small fish in the tank to help establish biological filter.
Or I would consider fishelss method of cycling with fish food,or one or two small uncooked raw shrimp or mussles.Opinions vary but is what I would consider were it me.
I would NOT use salt on regular basis in freshwater system unless treating for ICH or if keeping mollies, which may benefit more from marine salt than tonic (aquarium)salt.
Platy's,Guppies,Swordtails,and mollies can and do thrive without it so long as water hardness is sufficient 12 degrees+.

The most important medication in your fish medicine cabinet is.. Clean water.

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Good advice on getting rid of the remaining ich; that's what I would do too in this scenario (given that you don't have any fish in there). Thanks for posting it, 1077!
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