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Molly bobbing and shaking, what's up?

I've never seen my fish do that before. That fella is about 10-11 months old, little bit smaller than his brother for some reason. They were both raised in the planted 55 gallon, so I don't think he's stunted, but something is up. First problem I've had with any of them. He's been normal until today. He's not inbred either.
He's clenching so he looks weird too. Could he be developing swim-bladder problems? I once had a molly with a swim-bladder infection purchased at a store, never had one of mine get it though, I try to keep things nice and clean without over-doing it and stressing the system. Wasn't quite like this bobbed a bit, but this guy looks like he's having a constant seizure.

I change out about 30% once per week, half gravel vac so I don't over-do it. When it's hot the changes are bigger, often adding water or letting it get a little low, so it's usually something like 15-20 gallons. Tank is 55 gallons, about two years old. Has seven-eight adult fish, the rest are juveniles soon to be in new homes, though I'll be keeping three platies, swordtails and female mollies.
Tank parameters are:
PH: 7.2
GH: 11
Ammonia: 0
Nitrite: 0
Nitrate: 0
Test kit used: API Master Freshwater Testing Kit
Temp: 79-80F
Haven't had any spikes or problems in more than a year and a half. Problem I had a year ago last January was and internal parasite brought in on a fish I neglected to QT(stupidest thing I've ever done I think), I have not done that again since and once it was gone, I've had no problems. These fish were not born yet. The fish is a Butterfly mix molly(likely with a gold dust or short-fin, but unknown).
I haven't added any new fish at all in the last five months, no new plants. I did however, put in a catappa leaf this morning for young shrimp and babies, I soaked it overnight and rinsed it well before adding it.
Lighting schedule has been about six or seven hours lately, it's been so hot(though they do get some very indirect light from the window on the other side of the room, nothing directly at it or even bright at all, for another two hours or so). Usually they get 8-9 hours with lights on.
I feed them Aqueon Tropical Flakes, blanched fresh veggies like cucumber and zucchini, romaine lettuce, the occasional bit of boiled kale. They also get frozen foods like Hikari's Spirulina brine shrimp, Emerald Entree, mysis shrimp, glassworms when I can get a hold of them. More veggie than anything.
I feed them small amounts twice a day so they aren't ravenous every meal.

Anywho, I have a video of it. One of my fish is just jiggling like a serious shiver going on. I have video for you since it shows much better than I can explain.

Hope I covered all the details requested for the disease page.

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Someone told me it might be livebearer disease/molly disease, but nobody has told me how to treat it. Finding meds is difficult here, easy access only to maracyn, aquarium salt, pimafix and melafix. Would any of those help?

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I added in some salt with a very small water change just in case. Half an hour later he seemed to be doing it less, sorta more like random seizures but fine at other times. Added a little more salt before bed. This morning he seems fine, hasn't had any issues.

So if I'm not mistaken, is that Molly/Livebearer Disease? Lack of electrolytes in the water and the salt helped, or should I be worried about something else? So far he seems perfectly fine, bit bored in QT honestly, but otherwise fine.

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I would just say it was to soft of water. When i had livebeares they would do that whenever there wasnt enough salt and the water wasnt hard enough.
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Yeah, unfortunately our water is on the softer side for mollies especially. x.x But usually when that's the problem you have fungal issues and the like, I keep some salt in there to keep that from happening and haven't had any issues. I've been keeping mollies for several years without any issues like that, and none they didn't get purchased with. Recently lost all my originals from when I picked up the hobby again, three of my mollies(a gold dust, a butterfly and a dalmatian molly) that were over five years old, I think my butterfly was six which is considered pretty old for mollies. Of course I know some living that long mean very little but luck sometimes and not good care. I try to do the best for them. Currently trying to actually get rid of my molly population and stick to fish that are ok in the softer, non-brackish waters. But yeah. I don't think that's the cause though. After years with nobody doing that, I doubt it'd start now, I think it was because I did a change after a very long, very tiring day and forgot to add in a little salt with it. Took the electrolytes out of the water and probably shocked more than just him, several were slowing down. Now that I have the salt back in, everyone seems to be fine. I can't believe I forgot that. >< Didn't dawn on me until someone said something about livebearer disease caused by lack of electrolytes in the water. @____@;

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