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Originally Posted by Daz
Ok possibly cotton wool disease, occurs when the scales have been damages and have become infected through neglect. But pics would really help.
Most likely suggestion I reckon.

Google it and see if the pictures resemble your fish and get back to us.
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Really bad pic, but you can see the colour and shape at least..

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I would be surprised if it was a cotton-wool thing, it doesn't have an appearance like wool. Not to mention at the first sign, (this is my second batch showing this although my first had additional symptoms, and those photos may complicate the discussion), I treated the tank with the Tetracycline I'd had on me to try before.

I would have thought if it was a Flex or Columnaris thing, it might have responded, but it didn't at all. So I only did the one 5 day run.

I tried over the course of 8 weeks through different means to cure it (and no not all at once): Salt, Melafix, Pimafix, CopperSafe, Maracyn, Garlic, Maracyn II, finally Formalin for Fungus, and finally 2 weeks of daily fresh water changes. Nothing seemed to make a difference, so it was thought by then it was NTD which is why I bleach bombed the tank.

I still have 3 of those original 6 neons though - they're white patches finally went away without my noticing. How? I have no idea since they are definitely not in optimal conditions. (I thought it was hospice, but they've been in my Sickly bin for 3 months.)

Now the NEW fish who were carefully QT... they have those white bumpy patches. It looks like things are sticking out on each side of the tail, over a raised area. Most fish tails are very slim and flat, especially on these little neons, and right before the fin it bulges out with these white lumps sticking out.

Maybe it's a small development if it is cotton-wool (which is a fungus problem?) but it definitely is defined little bumps emerging from a larger one, not cotton in appearance at all.

In my Googling, I'm actually wondering if it's maybe Lymphocystis....

EDIT: You couldn't call what I do for my tank "neglect." Everyone I know thinks I'm weird. Daily, every-other-day, twice a week 50% water changes, constant NitrAte testing, thorough vac's, etc. The highest my tank has ever seen is 20ppm NitrAtes, though it's almost always 10ppm.

And after their appearance I've switched to mostly bottled water, so I'm definitely not being cheap in trying to find the answers.

I wish now I had taken those photos last night after the water change... I just ran out of time. :/

Still searching for answers.
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Ok ich is not more common than white spot disease.ich is more commonly called white spot disease MY BAD as rappers would say
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Ok here goes. I got as close as I could with macro as possible... it's not quite the same as my nose stuck up at the glass , but I think I managed to show something.

I guess the good news was I went in to take the pics... and they looked pretty good today. The two or three others really aren't showing any bumps at all. This worst neon seems to have gotten a little better as well.

Neons I can do... apparently dwarf gouramis are another matter. The best one I have is from 6 weeks ago, it still looks the same.

Still searching for answers.
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Well my issue seems to be something completley different, one of the fish with the lumps at the tail base is looking really thin today, gills are a bit red, staying near the surface of the water too now. The white bits in the black lump are a lot more pronounced now, looking almost like crystals embedded in the flesh. I cant get a photo of it yet due to it hiding at the back of the tank.

Think i'll be pulling the little guy out and putting him out of his misery. Will post a photo of the post mortem, see if it helps.
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Man... how many different kinds of white lumpy bulging tail ends can there be out there? :(

Still searching for answers.
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I'm really sorry to hear that. :(

If you think he's suffering too much then euthanisation may be the answer. There's a sticky on humane ways to do it.

Poor wee guy.
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One other is showing the same early signs, so if one sick one dies to save the others, he shall be worshipped by the other fishies as a saint...
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