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Yep! I know for people in herbal medicine garlic is probably the single most potent "cure all," so I'm guessing it must not be that different for fish. :D
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hahaha, since we are on the subject, I wonder to what degree we feed ourselves as well as our fish....

I'm ordering a pizza for dinner :)

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Originally Posted by lorax84 View Post
Keep us updated Gwen, I keep rams and I have never heard of them being especially prone to HIH, so I would be interested to see how things go.

As far as diet goes I feed NLS, crushed veggie wafers, bloodworms (frozen), microworms (when I have them) and whatever flake I have around. Usually I feed NLS 3-4 times a week and then something different each of the other days.
Here's an update. Got home and saw, on the side of him, what is like a thin, thin, piece of something, whitish in color. He is still active and was ready to eat. I bought the NLS food, and decided I'm not treating the entire tank again (even though he's the only fish), but I do have an ammano shrimp, some baby RCS (that hide in java moss) and MTS in the tank. I set up my now empty 5 gal tank, and am treating him for I'm guessing a secondary infection, which I think is a fungus. I'm using API fungus cure. I really have no idea what I'm doing, but he gobbled up the NSL food (thanks for that suggestion) and seems just fine in his QT tank. I'll keep an eye on him. Poor guy, I'm not sure how he developed this, but perhaps with food with garlic in it, this will all end soon.


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