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kids fishy sick black moor

im new at this and am having problems. we bought my daughter a black moor and hes not feeling well. he seem to suddenly have a find he doesnt use much and some graying on top the head. he eats fine and is otherwise fine as far as i can tell. can someone please help me. she is all upset about her fishy
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Hello and welcome Angel :D How was the tank set up ?
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it was set up like i was told to. its a 10 gallon tank i have a filter a small one, i use aquarium salt and water conditioner. nothing else if i can help it i do partial water changes and the decorations arent sharp. there is 3 fish in the tank about 2 inches long. this just came up with the fin. she is very upset that "Elmo" isnt feeling well. we also just treated her other fish in the same tank for a body fungus. all is well there.
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when i set the tank up we let the water sit like 2 days becuz its tap water. and i do use the water conditioner to eliminate chlorine and chloramine. Any help would be appreciated. my daughter is all frowns.
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sounds like 'elmo' has fungal infection too.
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i was hoping no fungal infection but i was suspicious. what should i use to treat it, the last medicine i used was maracyn. and when i returned home from work today he was using his fin just fine.i will keep an eye on it though. thank you so much for your help. im sure i will have lots more questions. thank you again :D
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i use myxazin for fungal infections but there r many other opinions, best wait for the experts to reply
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primafix is a good fungal remedy
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Maracyn is fine. You may try to have a look on this list. I haven't updated it much yet. But hopefully, I can when I find more meds to list.:) Binox, etc.:)

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Also may i add (i think a black moor is a goldfish)

Goldfish are no good in a tank that size, they need at least 30 gallons with double filtration, Is it possible for you to move it to a bigger tank and use the 10 gallon as a tropical tank?
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