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Injured or Disease Praecox??

Here is the pic. Heres the story.

I received some bad advice from Petco before I found this forum. My son has a small tank and I was told that I needed an algae eater for it, they suggested a CAE. After having with issues with the small tank (high nitrites and 1 guppy dieing) I removed the CAE and put in my 29G tank not realizing that they tend to be aggressive fish, got the little tank under control.

However, since putting the CAE in the 29G tank I lost 3 danios (originally thought it was internal parasites) and 1 male GBR (no idea why, has been eating well and swimming well did notice him flashing occasionally). Tonight got home and started feeding the fish and noticed the Rainbows injury/disease and the dead GBR. The hurt Rainbow is swimming near the surface and swimming slowly, I don't think he will make it long.

The other 3 Rainbows appear perfectly fine. Any idea on whether the CAE could cause this or is it something else?

Water readings are:
0 Ammonia
0 Nitrites
0-5 Nitrates
ph 7.2
temp 78

Edited to Add: It almost looks like a burn or the scales were removed?
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Use Melafix in this case. Watch out for development of fungus which is secondary to wounds. Then get rid of the CAE immediately.

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Gotta love those petco/petsmart/petland people! I just bought my dwarf puffers from petsmart where the girl tried to convince me that they required salt in their tank and told me this story of how she tried to condition hers to regular saltwater. I of course immediately brought them home and switched them to regular freshwater with only a tiny bit of aquarium salt and who'd have known but they are all doing great!
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Originally Posted by Blue
Use Melafix in this case. Watch out for development of fungus which is secondary to wounds. Then get rid of the CAE immediately.
CAE has been netted, but that Rainbow died =( and I noticed another one with a similar wound on his body that also died last night. Will be going to get some more Rainbows today so that the other two have some more friends.

BTW when I took the first Rainbow out after he died, his poor face was bloody :(
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