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Exclamation Ill Crowntail Betta

Hi, I am looking for some info. For the past week our betta has been ill. It started with erratic behavior and rubbing on decorations and plants in his tank. The assumption was flukes and we are just finishing his treatment for this. He did better on day 1 of the treatment but has since gone downhill fast... He is lethargic, is no longer eating (as of tonight) and has been hiding for about 3 days now. The only change in his tank is that we added live plants in the past 3 weeks (currently are 3 in there) and our cory was switched to our new bigger tank. I am wondering what we can do? It is a 5g tank that he shares with our 2 glass shrimps. If anyone could give us some help that would be great. Also please note if it changes anything that my gf has access to veterinary products if it is necessary however working with dogs/cats, she is not familiar with fish and may not have the proper form of the meds we may need.

the ammonia is 0, the nitrites are 0, and the nitrates are 10ppm as of 2 days ago.

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What medicine are you treating with? What temperature is the water?
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tempature was 78, we tried metranidazole/praziquantel for parasites, when that failed we tried Tetracycline. Neither worked and he was doing much worst so we euthanized him...
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sounds like ich and ich treatment works best if the temperature is high 86+ if the fish can take it.

Sorry for your loss.

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Actually we also thought that, however after it advanced (by the time we switched to the antibiotic treatment) it was more evident that we were dealing with something else. He had a distended and discolored abdomen. Also secondary fin rot and some kind of gill disease. I know how safe teracycline is therefore I gave more then the recommended dose. He was just not getting better. The thought is hemorrhagic septicemia.

thanks for the info about itch however. I'm sure we will come across it at some point.
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