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Originally Posted by Angel079 View Post
Thanks Byron!
Yea its gonna be lil over 2 weeks before I get any new fish. However I'm debating hard to just set up a 10g QT for the new fish, so then at least the plants in the 55g wouldn't be affected that bad again IF anything happens which it better not

I just really do not know who to 'pick' to start stocking the 55g...Here's a list of fish I eventually would like to keep between the 45g (that has the Rummy's in it) and the empty 55g.... IMO non of these are a good fish to start establish the battled 55g over the next few months now!?

Cardinal Tetra’s
Rummy Nose
Emperor Tetra’s
Silver Hatchetfish
Blue Tetra (Mimagoniates microlepis )
Dawn Tetra (Aphyocharax paraguayensis )
Glass Catfish
Honey Gourami
Cory (C. trillineatus)

Most of those would be OK, except for the cardinals, rummys, pencilfish. The striped corys seem better at adjusting to tanks. Silver hatchetfish, which one? My favourites are the Carnegiella genus, the Black-winged (C. marthae) is quite a lovely silvery fish, and smaller than the other two genera Gasteropelicus and Thoracocharax which in my mind are not as pretty. The lovely marbles are also Carnegiella species. Make sure these have been in the store for a couple weeks after arrival; they are very susceptible to ich, very. If tank raised, they are otherwise fairly hardy; wild caught fish (which I have) are less so but once settled in an established tank do fine. But they do jump, all of them; I lost two recently when they jumped out overnight after I foolishly left the cover glass open by 2 inches after feeding them.

The Aphyocharax paraguayensis I cannot recommend for any community tank. They are prone to bullying, big time. No actual damage seems to be inflicted, but their tactics in my aquaria caused all the other fish to disappear behind plants, and most wouldn't come out even to feed after two days. I had to remove the A. paraguayensis, then the other fish came back out in the open after they realized the terrors were gone. Of course, ich broke out due to the stress, big time, so had to resort to medicating the tank with Aquari-Sol. Wouldn't advise A. paraguayensis except in a species tank, in a large group, well planted. I've had them twice.

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