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This is a discussion on Ick Issue Take 2 within the Tropical Fish Diseases forums, part of the Freshwater Fish and Aquariums category; --> Natalie PM'd me direct and I responded, copied below for the record. I've not used Quick Cure myself. You say it contains formalin and ...

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Old 11-25-2009, 04:54 PM   #11
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Natalie PM'd me direct and I responded, copied below for the record.

I've not used Quick Cure myself. You say it contains formalin and malachite green. Formalin is toxic to algae [and thus perhaps plants?]and at high doses some fish, and it depletes oxygen at higher temps, according to some (presumably) good info at this Univ of Florida site: VM77/VM061: Use of Formalin to Control Fish Parasites

Malachite green has similar warnings: MalachiteGreen

I use malachite green to spot treat fungus, by moistening a Q-Tip with pure malachite green and dabbing a spot of fungus on the fish (netted out of the water momentarily). It kills fungus on contact. It used to be recommended as an ich cure, similar to methylene blue; both are dyes that stain the water (and everything else). Plants were said to be affected. perhaps due to light issues but some suspect other chemical/biological issues beyond just less light. On my MG bottle it says to use half strength with tetras.

Raising the temp will not hurt the cardinals or rummynose, both can withstand mid-80's. Plants may not like it. Someone on here recently said that just raising the temp to 87+ would kill ich without anything else; I've no idea, but as you have no other meds it may be worth trying.

I would use the Quick Cure cautiously, cardinals and rummys are characins and all characins are sensitive to chemicals and medications. My own treatment for ich (and any other parasite) is Aquari-Sol. It does contain copper, toxic to fish and plants at high doses, but the manufacturer says it is safe for sensitive species and I have never lost a fish (including Corydoras who do not like any medications period) when using it, nor have any plants ever been affected. I never bother to raise the temp, just use it for 5-6 days.

Another treatment is salt, plus temp raising. I would not use this if I had Aquari-Sol because I believe the salt is more detrimental to sensitive fish and plants. But if the cardinals are really bad, you may have to risk the plants to save them.

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Old 11-25-2009, 05:58 PM   #12
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I have a 1g I could use for OT - But would this transfer (or rather catching 4 Cardinals outta 55g) further stress them?? And/ Or wouldn't this funges attach itself into the gravel and DW etc? Meaning if I cure them in the QT then place them back it'll start all over again?
They're their usual active self and feeding well, so the behavior is normal.

On a side note as I told Byron in the reply, I WILL QT any fish from here on after that comes in my house for at least 1 week, this being my first sick experience...its horrible...At least the more I find out there more my hopes are up the Cardinals will actually survive this, so let's hope I can get the tank through this w/out major harm and starting from scratch again *crossing fingers*.
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Old 11-25-2009, 06:04 PM   #13
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I agree, that a 1 gal would be to small for all those fish. You are better off leaving them where they are.
Glad to hear the fish are already acting better.
Hope all the plants & fish pull through the treatment for you.
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Old 11-25-2009, 06:12 PM   #14
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Thanks Twistermom....God knows I hope so...this is kinda like your baby coming down with a fever and cold for the first time and you feel totally helpless in the situation...
On the 'up side' within all this trouble....at least now I see why some folks rather keep plastic plants in the thanks, hadn't quite understood this in the past, now I'm giving it a whole new perspective
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Old 11-25-2009, 07:40 PM   #15
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It will all work itself out. Getting a new tank going, with new fish, is always the hard part.
I have lots of plastic plants, but they will never make a tank as beautiful as real. (the upside to plastic, they don't taste good)
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Old 11-26-2009, 08:20 AM   #16
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Update this AM .... 3 dead, 1 remaining alive still all dotted....
NO2, 3, Ammonia, Chlorine = 0
KH 4 (stable) GH 4 (stable) pH 7.2 (stable)

What am I supposed to do, just let the last Cardinal remain in peace w/out treatment that will stress him and just let him go or continue a treatment that obviously didn't work (thou doses 1 drop less then they advised for Tetra's)???

I'm at the end of the rope here and just killed 4 Cardinals and somehow feel no 5 will follow them.....Maybe I should scrap the tanks and hose reptiles......How on earth did I ever mange to loose ONE fish and one cray in all these yrs and now 5 in just a matter of days!?!?!?!?
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Old 11-26-2009, 07:46 PM   #17
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So sorry! If you believe the meds, did the fish in, I would stop using it. You can still try the heat treatment.
Sounds like you are going to have restocking to do. With no good fish stores around, I would place an online order for some "first aid" meds, just to have around if needed.
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Old 11-26-2009, 08:02 PM   #18
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I would personally put the last one to sleep. I'm so sorry. ='(
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Old 11-26-2009, 09:45 PM   #19
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No need to put anyone to sleep....After a wonderful day out with family...came home to the last remaining one being dead, after the 3 dead Cardinals this AM before we left, I didn't have much hope to come home to an alive one.

I just DO NOT understand what happened here, seriously, I mean was it my plants that made them sick? Then why are the Rummy's in the other tank that I gotten the same day not sick too, have some of the same plants in them!? Wasn't it running long enough yet (thou I never heard of that causing ick) and if that's the problem, again why are the Rummy's doing well? It just really GETS ME, I went about setting up the 55&45g the SAME way, some of the same plants, different gravel & pump ok, but same approach for cycling then bought 5 fish each (with the thught of stocking them to a school later) I just do not understand what went SO WRONG between the 55g and the 45g being alright!?
And apart from all that, WHERE do I start now??? I'm afraid to put ANYTHING in the 55g period so what do I do now?
It just doesn't get into my head how I can be so successful to have so many tanks over all these yrs and now starting after the move everything goes o hell apparently. I mean how can my tanks have been doing so awesome before and now so crappy!?
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Old 11-26-2009, 10:04 PM   #20
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Think about it this way. There's always gonna be chances with living lives. Take a look at dogs. Probably the simplest pet in terms of care on this planet. You don't need special equipment like a heating lamp, litter box, cage, or filter. There's no testing water, checking the temperature, over feeding (usually) and because of this it makes them one of the most loved and easiest pets to take care of and love.

Now take fish: Temperature, water, tank, heater, filter, media, electricity, lights, medicines, food quality and quantity, decorations, gravel, filter media, testing supplies, water conditioners, and various forms of equipment such as nets and breeders and gravel vacs. There are so many factors that the risk of something happening to a fish compared to a dog increases! A dog only requires food and shelter and a loving hand. Do you get what I'm getting at? The more factors, the more risks. Fish keeping is delicate. Things don't always go right, I just went through a minor crash, and the one fish who I didn't think that was gonna make it who did...was my ich-covered puffer.

It all depends on how you look at it. Remember, you started fish keeping for a reason again. Granted it is expensive, but you love the hobby and I know you know that there were gonna be problems and risks somewhere down the line, and that...that makes you that much wiser.
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