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Ick Help for betta in small tank

I've read through several threads here about ick but after nearly 3 weeks of treatment I'm not seeing any improvement and if fact things are worse. Any advice would be appreciated.

Setup: I have a single betta (Mr. T) in a 2 gallon tank with filtration. I have a small not-adjustable heater that adds 5 degrees to the tank, so the temperature stays around 78 degrees. I perform partial water changes of ~10% almost daily, using a baster to remove waste or food particles. No live plants and not other animals other than pesky tiny snails that I am not concerned about.

Problem: I recently moved my betta and did a full water change. Soon after he had a few white spots. I assumed this was ick, but they are not salt-like or raised at all, more of small spots of discoloration. He is acting completely normally otherwise.

Treatments: I did a 30% water change, removed the carbon filter and used Quick Cure (malachite green) for ~2 weeks. Since my tank is only 2 gallons I was adding a drop or two per day. After 2 weeks the spots have increased.

Next I did a full water change and began trying Ick Clear tablets. Since one tablet is t be used for a 10 gallon tank, I broke the tablet in quarters and have been dropping in one piece per day for several days. Results - NADA! The ingredient of the tablet is victoria green, which I have since learned is another name for malachite green.

What am I doing wrong?

I heard that aquarium salt helps, but should it be added while treating with malachite green?

Raising the temperature in my small tank is not an option. Does it make sense to use salt treat ick without a temperature increase?

Could this be something other than ick, since the white spots are not raised?

What other treatments should I try?

Mr. T & I appreciate any help!!

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Need pics.
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So far the pictures I taken haven't turned out. They are either too blurry or, with more light added, the image washes out or gets a reflection on the glass.
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Well he died over the weekend. R.I.P Mr. T.
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