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ick. am i doing this right? lost 4 fish already :(

ok, so i went out of town for a week, and came back to one of my tanks with a terrible ick outbreak on some of my fish. i regularly keep the tank at 78-80 degrees. its a 30 gallon. it HAD two yoyo loaches, 8 tiger barbs and three danios. i removed the loaches to a quarantine tank, but they died before i could really do anything about it. then i moved the other two fish (tiger barbs) to the quarantine tank, and they died pretty fast.

so now i have 6 tiger barbs and three danios- they so far look fine. its been three days. i began treating the tank with malachite green (i half-dosed it for safety)- and removed the carbon from my filter. it appears everyone is fine so far...not all their usual active selves, but eating, gill rate looks fine, and i can't see any spots.

the bottle says- after three days, if still needed do a 25% water change, and begin treatment again. my question is- how long should i treat the tank? i have heard suggestions from 1 day after spots are gone-to a week later.

i read the sticky, and that helped a little. i just want to save the rest of my fish and don't want to stop treatment too early...or treat for too long.
(and i suspect the outbreak occurred when my water quality took a nose dive do to a friend who means well not feeding them properly.)

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Please refer to
for an "Ich fighting protocol".

One Other Item (and this is in additition to and not in lieu of the salt/temperature protocol set forth in the referenced URL):

Although "slightly adverse" to the assertions set forth in the above referenced thread
I would immediately begin dosing with Melafix.
The first day double the recommended dosage.
Days 2, 3 and 4 induce the recommended dosage into the tank water.
Days 5, 6 and 7 induce 1/2 the recommended dosage into the tank water.

I am recommending the above because even though you perceive that the "crisis is over" IMHO it is not (been there, done that and got the tee shirt).

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Originally Posted by jones57742
been there, done that and got the tee shirt


i never got the t-shirt... i feel jipped, although i did get a snazzy coffee mug... lol 8)
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