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Tiger Barb
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WAIT!!!! If you are using meds and your ammonia or nitrite is reading anytthing at all above zero, this could bring certain death to your tank! Meds can be a good thing, but water quality must be in good condition, or meds can and usually will have an adverse effect on the fish. I would get carbon into that filter, get the meds out, and work on cleaning up the water quality first!
Not ALL meds will effect the biological cycle in your tank, either. Some fish are sensitive to certain meds, so just because a medication says it treats ick, doesn't mean its safe for all of the fish in your tank with ick. If that were the case, there would only be 1 type of medication to use for that particular problem.
I saw 2 different posts here with ick problems, I will go back and try to sort them out for you, and post again seperately for each of you, I just wanted to get this warning out there while it can still help save some lives!
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Ok, smellslikefish:
As the others have pointed out already, that is way too many goldfish for a 30 gallon tank, and for 2 standard plecos. Chances are, by now, some of the goldfish have died. :( A 1/2 cup of salt added to the tank and a series of daily water exchanges of 10% should help you out... and get some carbon into that filter ASAP! There are other filter medias you can use in this kind of situation, with the carbon. I would add either Polyfilter or PuraPad, both will help to clean the water quality up quickly. Watch the temp on the tank, try to get it down to 65- 68 degrees farenheit, but don't do it too quickly. The daily water changes with room temp water would be the best way to do this, along with an air stone or 2. The extra oxygen from the air stones will help the goldfish tremendously. DO NOT USE MEDICATIONS AT THIS POINT! Get your water tested ASAP for ammonia, nitrite, nitrate, and pH. If you post the readings here, we can help much quicker. If there is a heater in the tank, turn it off, unplug it! The plecos can handle the lower temps, but I can't promise they won't also have huge problems because of the water quality. Go easy on the feedings, only every other day what the fish will completely finish in 1 minute. The plecos will also need to be fed, or they will starve to death in a new tank. Algae wafers are a good solution, also zuchinni squash slices works well. Remember that plecos and goldfish are both vegetarian fish, so they will all have to compete for food. It will be tempting to overfeed, be careful not to.
I'll watch this board for your post with water quality test results, and I will do all I can to help!
Good Luck!
Oh, and once this is over, I'd have arrangements made for the goldfish and plecos, as they can't stay in that size of a tank. Comet goldfish (the standard feeder goldfish) reach a size of 14 inches each, and they grow fast. It's not uncommon for a 1 - 2 inche goldfish to reach 5-6 inches within the first 8 months. The standard pleco grows to about 18 inches, and also does so quickly. The cute little 2 incher's you see in the stores can reach 6 - 8 inches in the first year.
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OK, starcollector:
In your situation, please stop the meds asap!!! Get some carbon into that filter to soak the meds out. Quick Cure will surely wipe out your tank in a matter of a few days to a week if you are showing ammonia or nitrite levels. That can be a wonderful medication, but it is not designed to work in poor water quality.
I will suggest Polyfilter or PuraPad to you, also, as this will help to soak the nitrite levels quickly, along with excess ammonia and any nitrates that will begin to build as the nitrites break down.
Small daily water exchanges of 5 - 10% for a week, and your water quality should look much better, and will give your fish a fighting chance. When ammonia and nitrite are at zero, and nitrates are under 40, then it will be safe for meds. At that time, remove the carbon, polyfilter, purapad from the filter, and follow the directions on the meds bottle.
Instead of QuickCure, I would consider using a med called "Formalin", again, following the directions on the bottle. This will usually work pretty fast, and is SAFE to use. One course of treatment for 5 days will usually do the trick. After the treatment period, then put carbon and either polyfilter or purapad (fresh media) back into the filter to soak up the medications.
Good Luck with it, let me know if you need more help.
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