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Ich question

This is a discussion on Ich question within the Tropical Fish Diseases forums, part of the Freshwater Fish and Aquariums category; --> I thought I may have an ich outbreak. Now I'm wondering if I had ich at all. A few of the angels had some ...

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Ich question

I thought I may have an ich outbreak. Now I'm wondering if I had ich at all. A few of the angels had some white spots but not many spots, maybe 6 or so but they also got what looked like a secondary fin rot fungus. I turned the temp up to 86 for my vacation and I didn't see anymore spots on any of the fish when i returned. I have 4 clown loaches in this tank too and I know how easily they can catch ich but none of them ever got the white spot's. Their fins seem to be healing now. I will be doing every other day water changes. Is there any other fish disease it could be?
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I've read that fish can have Ick and not show the white spots. You probably caught it early enough that there wasn't a huge outbreak. How long were you on vacation? Keeping the temperature between 86-88 degrees is enough to kill off Ick, but you need to keep the temp up for at least 2 weeks. The heat treatment alone worked for me. :)
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