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Ich! (If I want to add water from my old tank to my new one...)

I'm going to buy a 10-20 gallon tank to grow my fish fry up in... well, my molly and platy gave birth close to the same time the other night, and a few of my fish in that tank have ich... I've been dealing with it for a week or two now and it won't go away! Every time I think it's gone I notice a different fish has a few ich spots on it... I'm hoping they can fight it off themselves with some medication as well.

Anyways onto the question...

I'm planning on setting up a new tank to grow my fish fry in, and since there's ich in the old tank, if I move the water from the old tank to the new one, the ich will stay in the water, correct? Well, if I turn the temperature up in the new fish tank to 90-100 degrees for a couple hours (or however long you guys suggest, if this idea sounds good), (I'll probably fill the tank up with half the old water, and add a little bit of new water), but if I add some hot water as the clean water I add to the tank, will it like burn the ich away? I know ich is stressed at 86+ and can even die from that temperature.

But will that temperature kill any good bacteria?

I know that my baby fish will probably have been infected? And will carry it with them to the new tank, but I'm hoping that with a lower quantity of the parasite in the water, they will more likely be able to fight it off by themselves. If fry are even strong enough to do so.

I might be thinking stupid things, but give me your opinion on these ideas.

Oh, and by the way I won't move the fish fry into the new tank until after I am done burning up the ich if I do so..... I'm not that dumb!
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Ich cant survive without a host, in your case the host being the fish. So if you put some water from your tank with ich into your new tank, and leave it for a few days. the ich will simply die.
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