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Ich help?

Stupid me didn't quarantine my new addition Guess she had ich! She died yesterday, and that's when I saw 2 other females are covered in it. Makes me wish I was home on weekends!!!

Today I went and got a bunch of 1/2 bowls (don't know the exact size) which was okay because for everyone (including the snail) it was like $8 since I got them from GoodWill half price. I ran them through the dishwasher WITHOUT soap so they got rinsed and soaked in hot water just in case.

While waiting on that, I called my bf's mom and about treatment and told me to treat them all in their tank. I really liked the idea because where I live is really hot and the dumb water in smaller amounts just won't cool down. After a couple hours of sitting (I tried to separate my males last night because they have no spots on them and thought clean water and no contamination would help save them from it) the temp STILL was at 86*. *sigh*

What would YOU suggest? I am currently using Mardel Ich Treatment in a 20 gallon tank the recommended dosage. This tank houses a single snail (which I'm going to separate) as well as 5 balloon mollies and 1 GlowFish. I also used 2 tablespoons of Aquarium Salt because they were all really stressed. Within 30 minutes after they were all really active again--back to their original activeness! I was pleased. Right now the plan of action is to treat the ich on the fish/tank, remove all the fish, scrub down the tank/decor/filter, use REAL hot water, then put all new clean water in with a new filter pad.

Also you should know I got a complete test kit today because I suspected I had hard water, and I have EXTREMELY hard water. (Anyone know how to lower it successfully?? ) The pH was a little raised so I instantly leveled that out. My alkalinity was a little over, too. Never again will I used a basic ammonia/nitrite/nitrate test kit!!!

Tips?? Thanks!

Kaida- CT Female 2.5 Gal.
Julep- HMPK Male 2.5 Gal.
Fandango-HM Male 10 Gal.
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you don't have to scrub down the tank ... keep treating for 10 days with high temps.

Doing a total clean will kill your biofilter and you'll have to start all over again

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I used the Mardel Coppersafe Ich treatment and it worked well. I only had a couple fish die but with high temps and ich treatment my tank was clear in a week.

I don't suggest scrubbing down your tank. That will make your biofilter crash. Trust me, I learned the hard way. I killed by biofilter and I just had a bad case of I don't know what but it created ulcers on two of my guppies and they died tonight. The Ich treatment will kill everything on the gravel, decor, and the freeswimming ich. The high water temp will allow the ich to cycle faster on the fish. Patience, my friend. All I can suggest is patience.
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