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Ich and Fry Question

This is a discussion on Ich and Fry Question within the Tropical Fish Diseases forums, part of the Freshwater Fish and Aquariums category; --> Hello, I have a freshwater community tank with 3 zebra danio and 4 platy. Five days ago I noticed an Ich outbreak and began ...

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Rosy Tetra
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Ich and Fry Question

I have a freshwater community tank with 3 zebra danio and 4 platy. Five days ago I noticed an Ich outbreak and began a salt/heat treatment. It was going very well and three days ago one of my platy females gave birth. My tank was then comprised of 7 platy :). The problem is that two days we lost power due to a snow storm and I was manually heating and aerating the tank. Thankfully all of the fish (including the fry) survived but now that the power is back the Ich seem to back in full force. I do have a bottle of Coppersafe from Mardel and am wondering if I should use it. I am afraid of harming the fry but don't want to put my tank through the stress of having a prolonged Ich outbreak on top of the salt/heat treatment and two days of low aeration and heat. Any help would really be appreciated, Thanks!
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If you're concerned about the stress, you can try just keeping the water extremely clean and the ich will likely go away on its own. The outbreaks are usually a result of stress. If you keep the water crystal clear and change a large percent of it daily, in about a week the ich should be gone or nearly gone. With the power outage and the stressful environment they were in, even though you tried your very best, it probably did make the ich worse. Heat/salt treatment is incredibly stressful on the fish, and medications are less so but still stressful. Coppersafe is an iffy one, I think.

Everyone has different opinions on treating ich, so I'd expect a couple more opinions to come in and then you can choose your favorite.
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