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Is this Ich?

This is a discussion on Is this Ich? within the Tropical Fish Diseases forums, part of the Freshwater Fish and Aquariums category; --> How long lasting should those white spots be? Those are actually the little holes that the ich is burrowing right? I checked the cory ...

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How long lasting should those white spots be? Those are actually the little holes that the ich is burrowing right? I checked the cory today and he shows no signs of those white spots. They wouldn't disappear overnight would if it was ich would they?
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Here's an article that explains the Ich life cycle:
(yes, they do fall off but that's not the end of it)

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I posted this in my journal of the tank, but thought I'd repost it here as it's relevant to this particular thread as well, and I'd like some input.

Quick update, I've finished my heat treatment for the ich. I had the temperature running at 89 F for 10 days. I understand this is very high for cory cats, but I monitored them closely (just about hourly) for the first few days and they really didn't show any signs of stress. Yesterday was the last day of the treatment so I lowered the temp (slowly) back down to the normal 78 F(ish).

I added in the anubias (will have pictures up eventually), and moved some rocks around a little. Shortly after the remodeling I noticed one of the cory cats was covered in white specs. He had showed little of no signs of this until I noticed it after moving things around so I'm assuming it's just sand. He was covered when I first noticed, but now he just has a few specks. This is almost exactly what happened with the other cory cat, leading me to believe it might have all been a scare over some sand.

Is it possible the little guy could go from no signs to covered in a matter of hours after having spent 10 days at 89 F? I've read about some strains of ich that can still reproduce in 86 F+ temps but he wouldn't have just started showing signs all of a sudden right? Anybody else have white sand with the darker cory cats, is it common for it to tag along on them for a while?
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