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I have no idea what this is...

Ok, so I have a black moore (called Betty) and she was fine up until a couple of days ago. She is now sitting at the top of the water, just staying there, she isn't gasping for air or anything. She is just really lethargic, unless I put some food in the water!
I'm not really sure how to explain this but I have notied that tiny bubbles from the water seem to be sticking to her skin and coming off in strands. They are defo bubbles because if she starts swimming they all come off (at first I thought it was white spot).
I have checked all of the levels in the water that I need to and everything is fine with that.

Any ideas anyone?? Maybe I'm just being paranoid?

None of the other fish have this strange bubble thing going on but they do seem pretty lethargic.

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How big of a tank is this? How many fish total? How big are the fish? What kind of fish are the others?
Telling us that your water params check out doesn't tell us much of anything. Can you please post readings for ammonia, nitrite, nitrate, and pH?

What is the water temp? What kind of filtration are you running on the tank?
How long has the tank been set up? What kind of food are you offering? How much? How often?
How often are you doing water changes? How much water at a time?

We need this and any other info you can tell us about the tank... and photos if possible will also help.

Dawn Moneyhan
Aquatics Specialist/Nutritionist
Juneau, WI
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In addition to bettababy's response, a picture of the fish and tank set up would help too.
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I have good news! After much research on the internet I decided that my black moore had velvet disease. I got some velvet and slime medicine and she is doin great now!! To top things off I have been given a 95 litre tank for them :oD they are only in a 20 litre at the moment and I am aware that it is to small.....maybe that is why they became ill? Anyway, all is fine and I'm excited about getting a new tank!! [/code]
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While I'm glad that the medications worked for you, please be prepared to face many more problems if working with a 95liter tank (25 gallons)

Even 1 black moor can't stay in a 25 gallon tank for more than a few months... and knowing that there are other fish (you still haven't told us how many others and what kinds) I would expect the problems to set in rapidly.

For 1 - 2 black moor goldfish, 75 - 90 gallons is a minimum. If healthy, these fish grow very rapidly. They have large amounts of waste output, and are known to be messy eaters. They also consume a larger amount of oxygen than most fish. Small tanks = death when it comes to goldfish!

Full grown black moors average about 8 inches... that's a lot of fish! For a 1 - 2 inch moor to reach 4 - 5 inches within the first year should be expected.

To make the 25 gallon tank work as a temporary home for them, until you can get something larger... water changes at least 3 times/wk, 25% each time, easy on the food, and extra air stones are all going to be needed. Keep temp low. (65 - 68 degrees) The warmer the water the less oxygen content in it. Maybe even try heavily planting with anacharis, this provides a natural and healthy food supply for the fish and it'll help to consume at least a bit of the waste levels until they eat it all... and anacharis will release oxygen bubbles into the water as it grows if it's healthy and lasts long enough. Oh, and pack your filter with plenty of carbon, and be sure to replace all carbon about every 3 wks.
These things will buy you a small amount of time, but if those fish are healthy, stay healthy... they won't be long in a 25 gallon tank... maybe a few months.

Oh, and lastly... in answer to your question about the illness... it is very likely that the size of the tank and water quality, overcrowded conditions, etc were either responsible for the illness happening or at very least contributed to it. Dirty/polluted water will weaken the immune system and cause internal damage to a fish. Once the immune system is weakened the fish is open to any number of illnesses, and any internal damage will also hinder recovery. Please don't ever put any kind of goldfish into a 5.5 gallon tank again, that is simply cruel to the fish and impossible to make work.

Dawn Moneyhan
Aquatics Specialist/Nutritionist
Juneau, WI
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I am glad you were able to find an answer after researching it on your own. For future reference, click on the link below to help identify what your fish might have. If you can't find it there, please ask and we will do our best to identify the problem.

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Bad and good news....kinda

Well, sadly my black moore (betty) died .

My big tank is cycled and I'm getting good reading from my water testing kit. I have taken bettababy's advice and added an air stone and I am doing 25% water changes 3 times a week.

Just recently my goldfish (sharky) started showing exactly the same symptoms as betty did before she died. Luckly the man at my local fish store said that sharky was big enough to take a slime sample from to see if he could find anything.
He took the sample and found two gill flukes! I'm thinking that this was what betty must of had (I wanted the scrape test dont on her but he said she was to small....gutting.)
I have started treatment for gill flukes and I am keeping a close eye on the fishes incase they get and secondary illnesses.

Everything seems to be going ok so far though and the fish look healthy!

Thanks for the great advice Bettababy!
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