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Teammmiur, looking at the picture, I can not tell for sure what is going on. cerianthus is correct, there are bacterial infections that thrive in warmer water.

Not saying your problem is columnaris, this is just an example.....

Columnaris (Flexibacter columnaris)
Cotton-wool, Mouth Fungus, Flexibacter

White mouth with tiny filaments, white areas near edge of scales, clamped fins, fins start to rot in the later stage, fish struggles and sways near the surface

This is bacterial infection which is very common in the aquaria and is very contagious. Immediate action is needed to contain it before it spreads to other fish.

Broad spectrum antibiotics, Sera Baktopur, Binox, Maracyn I & II, Kanacyn, Terramycin, Acriflavine, Furan, Copper Sulfate

Flexibacter columnaris thrives very well in warm waters therefore it is necessary to gradually lower the temperature to prevent it from progressing.

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Originally Posted by Teammuir1 View Post
OK good to know...... but please explain why.... I am not saying that I dont believe you ...
but when you tell some one something like that It would be good to Explain why it should be that
way... so as I can learn ....
Anytime certain parasitic infestation occur such as Ich, a heat treatment is one of the options.

Fungus/bacteria will proliferate/multiply/progress much faster in warmer than in cooler temperature.

Dept of Enviromental Protection in NYC is out on the street at various locations more often during Summer time to perform random testing of water supply for pathogens and when more pathogens are found, they take appropriate action to combat the issues by increasing chemical addtitives or by adding/using alternative chemical such as chloaminr than simple chlorine or even make public announcement to boil the water before use.

And of course, you not gonna cook the eniire tank to a point where nothing can survive, lol!.

Think of this way, food will spoil (fungus/bacteria) lot faster in room temp than in the refrigerator unless room is cooler/colder than refrigerator.

Whatever you do, do not increase/decrease temp too fast.

As far as injury/infection, I can not tell for sure from the pic.

Make sure the water is up to par before adding med, if you desire. Although pic provided by other member is good pic showing symptom, but it may or it may not be that disease.
It could be simple injury which can advance to such.

Like I said, check the water first before taking action.

Hope this helped a bit.

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Wink Thanks a LOT !!!

I have put him in the quarintine tank with the second day of threatment and already his mouth is
looking better....
so quick action just might have been the trick here.. along with medication of course....
I want to thank you all for the great information... I have learned so much.. and thats what
I was honestly after... for some one to just tell you to this... is ok ... but to teach that
person this is WHY you should do this is a much better learning experience .... Thanks for that..

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Glad to hear the fish is showing improvement!
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