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Originally Posted by zombiefish610 View Post
I try to stay away from daily water changes. I read a study about daily water changes compared to weekly changes. Turns out that daily water changes are actually worse for the fish because the daily water changes leave you with overall more bad stuff in the aquarium. Trust me weekly is the way to go.
Out of curiosity, what bad stuff does daily water changes add to the tank?
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hey previous talk aside if you wanna try something really good for your fish with many different illness' use a product called clout its wonderful

Back in the Game!!! Live Bearers in a 40 Breeder
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Originally Posted by jeaninel View Post
Try Maracyn/Maracyn 2 treatment or try Furan 2. I've used Furan 2 before and that cleared up my Boes but it can be stubborn. As Twistermom said most of what we think is fungal is actually bacterial. The Boes seem to be rather susceptible to this "white lip".

I'm curious what study was it that said frequent water changes were worse than weekly? I think an extra water change or 2 per week to clear this up would really help, but that's just me.

The information about water changes I found in Tropical Fish Hobbyist (Nov. 09 Issue). The article is called Time For A Change: A Mathematical Investigation Of Water Changes. It really makes alot of sense. I'm gonna try to scan the article and post it here.
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Originally Posted by Twistersmom View Post
Out of curiosity, what bad stuff does daily water changes add to the tank?
By this I mean the waste that's left behind in frequent small changes. I'll be posting a article about it. Check back.
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I have had a few fish sick over the years, that I have seen cured by doing daily 50% water changes.
When it comes to disease, water changes are not always enough to cure the problem. I always like to try it first, before putting the fish through the stress of meds.
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I would urge all to read this article paying close attention to the paragraph ..(stability revisited) Sudden changes in water chemistry with large water changes can, and does ,affect fishes osmoregulatory functions. Is why frequent small water changes are less stressful for fish and water doesn't get a chance to deteriorate. In my expierience,there are fish that are sensitive to sudden changes such as that from large infrequent water changes and it is why I practice and preach frequent small water changes.
If one adds gravel vaccuming a different area of the tanks bottom with each water change or every other water change,, then much of the crud that contributes to total dissolved solids or crud,can be kept to a minimum and this along with the frequent small water changes will keep the tank cleaner. Clean water will always result with healthier fish. Not overfeeding the fish ,and not overstocking ,will also result in less crud which =cleaner water.
Ideally, in my view,, we would perform 20 to 25 percent water changes three times a week, or two 25 percent water changes ,with one 50 percent water change on the weekend. I believe all fish would benefit from it. IMHO.

The most important medication in your fish medicine cabinet is.. Clean water.
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Fungus or Not?

Hello every one.. I have been reading this thread and found it very interesting.....
I personally do a water change every week.. just another weekly regament
I am however SHOCKED.....
I looked into our 75 gallon community tank last night.. watched our fish and to my
surprise.. our POCCO, ( his nick name )
has what appears to be fungus on his lip.
So it took 20 min of chasing to get him into the net and then into the Quarentine tank.
were I had already raised the temp to 80 degrees once in I waited about an hour with the lights off
to add the ( API fungus cure ) Turned the WATER GREEN immediately but he is content and
doing ok .. I would say with very little stress... so I have added a pic and let me know
what you all think about it.
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FYI, temp should be lowered, if possible, with fungal/bacterial infection.
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Question Explain Please

OK good to know...... but please explain why.... I am not saying that I dont believe you ...
but when you tell some one something like that It would be good to Explain why it should be that
way... so as I can learn ....
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