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im surprised at the lack of knowledge aquarium/terrarium owners have on these glass thermometers

Doesnt anyone know the contents of these thermometers?

I've asked in 3 different forums and nobody is 100% sure.

Maybe people dont use these anymore. :\ heck i wont be using them anymore. I just got my digital by Hagen and i love it.

The red liquid in the thermometer is Dyed Alcohol.

The balls are used to keep the thermometer up right.

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They actually arent that easy to find around here anymore. Most stores only carry the suction cup plastic ones or those stick on strips that change colors...along with the 25 dollar digitals. And yes the red liquid is dyed alcohol...says so on every single package I looked at today.
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Radlations. Your questions have already been answered.

You've been told what the liquid is and what the "balls" are.

There is no law mandating what the ballast be made of. However, they are usually steel or lead.
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My mistake, I apologize, I misunderstood what kind of thermometer you were using. Around here the only glass ones easily found are still using mercury...the ones here like you're talking about are all plastic now days.

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My first thought was 'mercury' as well, but is lead any safer? I'd still do a thorough tank cleaning just to make sure. :)

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lead is no safer than mercury :/ 1 drop of lead can kill you.

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I'm gonna have to go ahead and disagree with you there. Mercury causes problems at a much lower concentration than lead.
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