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I am having the HARDEST time with helping my Betta. Please help!

Hey guys. I am having the hardest time helping my betta and could really, really use some help/advice.

I first noticed his fin rot over a month ago, soon after I got my male betta fish, Midnight. His pelvic fins started turning red, and then his dorsal fin looked torn, and the tips of his caudal and anal fins looked like they had a white film on them. Since then, the base of his anal fins has turned the same blood red as his pelvic fins and even his head has turned red (that part really confuses me). His water parameters were all perfect at this time; his tank had been cycled.

His tank was cycled, but when I treated him with A.P.I.'s Erythromycin, it killed the cycle and I had an ammonia spike. I got the ammonia down and treated him with the Erythromycin again, but he didn't get better and the ammonia spiked again.

I then used Aquabella Bio-Enzyme, which fully cycled the tank.
After a couple of days, while all parameters were perfect, I started treating him with Mardel Maracyn Plus Antibacteria. Now, after going through this treatment once, the cycle is broken again, and I had an ammonia reading of 0.5ppm tonight!

Midnight is not any better from either the Erythromycin or the Maracyn Plus and all the two medications have done is cancel my cycle and therefore I have ammonia.

Midnight is obviously not going to get any better with ammonia in his tank, and it seems that all antibiotics will negate the cycle and give him ammonia in his tank.

Midnight live alone in a 10 gallon tank that is heated to 80 degrees F and filtered with both a carbon filter and a sponge. Right now his Nitrites are at 0ppm, his Nitrates are at 0ppm, and his pH is 7.6.

I'm lost at this point. Every time I try to help him with an antibiotic, the antibiotic kills my cycle and he has ammonia in his tank again.
I plan on adding Tetra Safestart tomorrow, so hopefully that will help cycle his tank (AGAIN), but I don't know how to help him with his fin rot.
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I can't really see any problems from these pics. Maybe just let him be for awhile, give him a rest from medicine and chemicals?

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Daily water changes would help ;)
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keep his water clean and dont stress him out to much. the color changing could be him just growing up, alot of fish including bettas will change as they grow. but yea do the daily water changes until you see him get better... even if hes not sick water changes cant hurt, my betta actually enjoys getting new water lol
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Try to have the new be at the same temp as the existing water.

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