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Sorry - you asked tank size not that big:


60cm long, 35 high, 30 wide

Fish in tank blurb

Next tank much bigger
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it may be fin rot
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What causes fin rot? Do you know? Are there any other symptoms cos fish appear to be happy, active and eating.

I've done research on net and found out that some types of dwarf honey gourami's anal fin goes a dark colour as they get older and it's just part of their colouring. Plus there are varieties that develop black fin and head/belly. All very confusing

But I've also read a post where someone had a honey whose anal fin went charcoal colour and it died.

So it's hard to know what's happening?

All the suggestions help though so thankyou.
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Fin rot is caused by a whole bunch of things such as poor water quality.

However, your photo looks absolutely *identical* to how my honey gourami looked when they first started to get their coloration. I wouldn't worry :D
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That's very reassuring thanks okiemavis.

I've really cut down on the amount I'm feeding them now (which is hard cos they have a way of looking hungry searching for food) that's the only thing I can think is causing the nitrites to go up. Cos I don't think I'm over stocked, I change water weekly, clean bottom of tank.

And I was concerned about getting the cardinals (as a beginner) and they're the only fish I've not had any concerns about :)

I'll let u know what happens
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Pictures taken today showing the changing colours of the dwarf honey gourami, his tail and fins are going more orange but the dark patch isn't getting any bigger. Reall pretty fish :o) Picture doesn't show colours very well but you can just see.
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and this is one of my corys

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