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Originally Posted by jentralala View Post
When you do the water change, don't remove all the water or 'swish' the rocks. What you're going to want to do is leave the fish in the tank and do about a 50% water change, with a gravel siphon, simultaneously cleaning the gravel while pulling the water out. Changing all the water and moving the fish is very stressful. When you add water after removing it, use a tap water conditioner, such as Prime by Seachem.

Did you use a conditioner when you changed the water? Is there a heater/filter in the tank?

I'm thinking your tank has not yet cycled (Read more here and that your fish is suffering from ammonia poisoning, which I'm not seeing a result for. Sounds like you're using test strips. You may want to look into purchasing API Liquid Master test. Your Nitrates are also quite high, this is a contributing factor.

The only way I can see atm to help him is to do daily water changes in the manner described above until your tank has cycled (Ammonia 0, Nitrite 0, Nitrate <10)
i agree here, and just want to add there havent been any factual evidence that strips are any less accurate then liquid tests, it all comes down to user perception and the only real factual diffrence is that strips are more costly then the liquid tests.

but to OP he was probobly very stressed from the moving around back and forth and from the sounds of things you probobly disturbed all of your BB when you did your last cleaning, expect to see a mini cycle spikes in your test results. i woudl change 50% every other day untill you start to see Ammonia 0, Nitrite 0, Nitrate <10. it may take several weeks it may not every system is diffrent. the main goal it to keep the conditions suitable for him, he proboly didnt like the ammonia in the tank thus why he went to lay on his side etc etc. as you describe now with the slow breathing and hiding his stressed out, not sick or dying. under extreme stress situations fish will often slightly change color to a more pale hide lay on their side and breath very heavy. your feeding is going to play a major role untill the tank cycles. i would reccomend fedding every other day just a pinch of what he can eat in 30 seconds.
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Originally Posted by tari5thatsme2 View Post
No he looks like he is barely breathing and only for like a hour and a half
Sorry for not replying, I went to sleep.
How is he doing today?

taking a break from fish-keeping.
3 lovely male betta still keep me company.
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It's ok. Do you know why his tank would be producing to many bubbles?
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Originally Posted by tari5thatsme2 View Post
It's ok. Do you know why his tank would be producing to many bubbles?
Bubbles on the surface? Is he nest building?

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He is twisting and very active but no women are around
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