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Help! Sick Goldfish!

Hey gang, I've got a large 6" white goldfish that has suddenly, after a small water change, started acting strange. He's what I'd call listing in the water, acting like his balance is off. Strangely, he's still trying to eat. I cleaned the gravel yesterday and changed out 3 gallons of water in a 29 gallon tank. Nothing unusual, and everything should be fine. I may be just mistaking a huge, overweight fish for being ill, but he strikes me as unbalanced. Do freshwater fish get "swim bladder" trouble? What is the treatment for it?

I've had this fish for nearly 3 years and he's a true familly pet and I'd hate for him to kick off. Besides my 5 year old would be very hurt. Help friends!



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Yes, FW can get swim bladder disease. Is your goldfish having trouble swimming down?

Could you please post your water params (nitrates, nitrites, ammonia, pH, etc.)? What kind of water did you replace his tank with?
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The fish is listing, he tilts all the way up on his head and is swimming very lethargic (but the big guy is still trying to eat). These two fish (the sick one and his buddy) are 5-6 inches in length each and very, very fat.

As for params, I don't have a clue on this tank. It is an established tank that has been up and running for over 2 years and the fish are a little over 2, close to 3 years old. I treat tap water w/chemical chorine remover as I have always done. I have NEVER had a bit of trouble with this tank.

Any idea on meds or treatments for this disease?



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