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I'm not sure what you thought I was wrong about? I wasn't saying all your fish had a swim bladder disorder, just stating that this breed is prone to them, so it's not a huge shock that one of them has it.

As for the pleco, whenever I have fish I need to give away, I put up a posting on craigslist (I live in the US). I get a bunch of responses right away and then I can pick out the best home. And yes, plecos need their own food, this may be why he is trying to snack on your fish! I feed my plecos algae wafers, zucchini, broccoli and just about any other green veggies I think they would like. It would really help to know the kind of pleco he is, as different ones have different dietary needs. I'm assuming it is a common pleco? Those guys will grow over 2 feet long, which, again, can be problematic. Also, (sorry I know this is a lot of info), most plecos need some wood in their diet. A nice piece of driftwood would look nice in your tank, and then your pleco would have something to chew on.

As for your Dad, why don't you do some more research on fish, blood parrots and fish keeping in general. This website has a lot of great info, as do many others. That way you can face your Dad with facts and work on setting up the tank some more. Believe me, a tank with nice substrate, plants, decorations, etc. is way cool looking, and lots of fun to plan and maintain. I think you'd have a great time with it!
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Here is the pleco picture im not sure what it is but really small

this picture was awhile before but yes its the big one thats sick.
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the fish is upside down but it doesn't exactly swims. It lays at the bottom breathing slowly but the last time it happened it did the same thing and had trouble going back up right and the next day its back to normal
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A pleco in a jar will soon be a dead pleco. The pleco is feeding on a sick/injured fish, which is their instinct... they are closely related to catfish, and that makes them a scavenger.
Epsom salts will help to treat the swim bladder problem, if you can get the upside down fish to eat a few pieces of epsom salt, that should resolve the problem fairly quickly. BP's are prone to swim bladder problems, especially when not kept in a proper environment. If the cause of the swim bladder problem turns out to be a bacterial infection (which is likely) the salts will only resolve your problem temporarily. Medication would then be needed, and the most important thing will be clean tank and proper environment. If the root of the problem is not dealt with, swim bladder disease will result in permanent damage and ultimately death for the fish.

The plecos will feed on fish when enough other food source is not available or when they are feeling crowded.

Your photos show Gibiceps plecos, aka sail fin pleco, or butterfly pleco. They average about 16 - 18 inches full grown and they are primarily an algae eater, but will feed on vulnerable animals when available. Algae wafers, zuchinni squash, and special pleco and bottom feeder pellet foods are their primary diet along with live plants. These plecos are known for their huge appetites, and 2 of them in a 30 gallon tank is going to make finding enough food very difficult and eventually impossible. Taking the rock with algae out of the tank only took away their food supply.
Gibiceps are also territorial, and need places of their own to hide.

After reading your most recent posts and seeing your photos, I have to say, you don't have an appropriate environment for these animals. They need a much larger aquarium, much more decoration... in your tank's current condition the problems you are having don't surprise me, and you can expect these problems to continue and get worse as time goes on. You really only have 2 choices...
1. Move the fish to a suitably sized tank, or
2. Watch them die

Unfortunately, there isn't anything more you can do except that. If your father is having an issue with providing proper care for these fish, then it would be best to get rid of them and give them to someone who can. Putting a pleco into a jar is not going to resolve your problem, and the other pleco will likely canibalize the fish as well... and soon. I know you've said you don't want to hear about the overcrowding issues you have, which are quite obvious from your photos, but the overcrowding is causing the problems.

I know some of the other members have grown frustrated here, and that is understandable. I, too, am growing frustrated with this situation. I don't know what more we can do to help you, and dealing with each problem that arises from the same cause, while knowing the cause is not being treated, is frustrating to all. Each time you post with another issue in this tank, the answer is going to be about the same... they need a much larger tank or they will eventually die from these other problems. You cant treat these other problems enough to get rid of them while these fish remain in a 30 gallon tank together, it's not possible.

If these animals are inhumanely treated, like putting a pleco in a jar... then I will not come back to help here in this thread or any others you post about these fish, and I am sure the others are going to echo my words on that. This whole thread tells me that you have acted very irresponsibly with these animals and are continuing to do so without regard to the animal's safety. I will not do anything to contribute to that.

Dawn Moneyhan
Aquatics Specialist/Nutritionist
Juneau, WI
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We didn't put it in a jar. My dad brought back salt that he said from the ocean which I am totally clueless beacuse yeah... its kinda in the water and he brought back solid salt and put some of it into the water saying that it kills bacteria but ok!

But what am I going to do with that ONE pleco? its gunna be a freakk and eat my other fish im gunna like add a Piranha to eat that thing just kidding. But yes hopefully tomorrow it will be back to normal and I'll try getting some more food for the plecos to snack on rather than my fish the plecos aren't adults yet they're new cause I got them recently

I absolutely fail to believe that it is swim bladder problem. The fish is LAYING at the bottom of the tank breathing SLOWLY. it's not swimming or doing anything else. It's like he's sleeping or something
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Y'know...I hate to add fuel to the fire but I'm just going to chime in with one thing...

Even my local Petco is getting their act together after enough complaints.

This is the song that never ends...
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Originally Posted by Flashygrrl
Y'know...I hate to add fuel to the fire but I'm just going to chime in with one thing...

Even my local Petco is getting their act together after enough complaints.

what are they doing now??
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i also apologize if i came off rude.

Ok FF helpers, I have to say though that I am a Home health nurse, and I come in contact with people that are ill on a daily basis it is my job to teach them a plan of care to help them get well , I can not MAKE them implement it. Sadly the same line of thinking applies here. You all have given him sound advice in good faith. The ball is in his court now. It's just too bad that innocent living things must suffer for the stubbornness of others.

I must ask how old are you wildboi?
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Topic is locked due to blatent disreguard to Fish Forum Rules of Conduct by multiple members.
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