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Haha, I added salt to my 15 gallon.
I was thinking it was lame to just measure out table spoons into the tank.. So I take it dissolving it next time may be a good idea.

Dissolve it in warm water or what? What's the norm for that?
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Plecos prefer pH below 7.4 so that can be an issue.

A major thing to remember about plecos is often they are treated very bad when shipped, captured or however they are caught. Often times they are on the verge of death before you ever get them and any kind if system shock can easily kill them. When buying a pleco, make sure it has a rounded looking belly and not one that looks like it is caved in. Also make sure it has a good body shape and does not look ill. A good plump pleco is a sign of a healthy one.

Suppliment their diet with veggies like cucumbers and zucchini. Too much fish food in their diet without roughage from veggies can cause constipation and death. Some keepers recommend keeping bogwood or other driftwood for them to chew on also. My plecos loved it.
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something I dont think anyone has asked yet... how did you acclimate the pleco? my pleco has been as tough as nails over the last 7 months or so, and hes getting huge. then I added a pleco sold as a "dog face" pleco, although I cant remember for the life of me what he really was. I rushed the acclimation and he did the EXACT thing yours did for a day before kicking the can.

I would think the acclimation would be the biggest suspect, if it was at ALL rushed even a little bit. I had about an 85% survival rate for new fish until I started the drip method.

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