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Help please

My mickeymouse platy is having swim bladder issues. He cant stay down and he floats at the top, belly up. He tries to swim down but cant. Is there anything I can do for him???
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Does the platy show any signs of color loss? Take a look at its scales, are they standing on end appearing to be pointed?

How big is the aquarium, what other fish do you have in there, what are your water parameters?

Possible treatments:
If you have a spair tank, set it up with a low water level, enough to cover the fish, this will make him feel more comfortable with his inability to swim. Don't feed him for a few days. You can try adding Epsom salt, one tsp per 4 gallons of water. Try feeding it some skinned peas, or daphnia, these will have a laxative effect, along with the epsom salt. You could also try purchasing some antibacterial medicine.
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i would say epsom salt or just table salt. or feeding unshelled peas might help.
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Swim bladder issues are hard to figure out what caused it and most cures have not been known to help. It's best to isolate the fish in a seperate QT tank, in case the problem is due to bacterial problems. You can try using epsom salt, which is a laxative and also using bacteria medications. I'm currently treating an angel with Eurothromycin, for swim bladder problems with no noticeable help. It is strong, since I have been hand feeding it bloodworms (soaked in garlic guard and Eurothromycin) using a turkey baster, which is used to feeding. If you fish does not eat, it may get weak. If there is no success with eating after a few days or if the med treatments do not help after several weeks, you may have to come to the reality of having to euthanize the fish.
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thanks for the replys, its actually my brothers tank but i take care of the filter changes and whatnot so i thought id have to take care of the issues too. its a 20 gal and there are only 2 other tetras in it, but im not exactly sure of the par. i only have a saltwater test kit for my tank, but ill bug him to go out n get a freshwater test kit and ill get them up. and no, i am not going to euthanize it. i am VERY against any euthanazia. after all "what doesnt kill you only makes you stronger" hopefully he will make it thru this.
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I understand your feelings of euthanizing the fish. As I mentioned, I am currently treating my angelfish for swim bladder issues for over 4 weeks now. I had the angel for over 7 years already. Fortunately for me, it is able to eat, since I feed it using a turkey baster. Your platy may not be so fortunate. It will constantly struggle to try to swim upright and may not be able to eat. With it not eating, it will eventually get malnourished and waste away.

With my sick angel, I am sure it's not happy because it cannot swim freely and probably is bored in being contained in a small tank (10 gallon) compared to a large tank (125 gallons) from where it came from. Plus it has no interaction with other fish. I keep the lights off in the tank majority of the day, with the exception of the 2 hours each day when I feed, perform water change, and medicate the fish. The reason I leave the light off in the QT tank is to let it rest. With the lights off, it will sleep and not constantly trying to swim upright.

I had high hopes that the angel will get cured, but I'm starting to get back to reality that it will not. I am currently looking to euthanize the fish, using clove oil.
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i fed the platy last night with a syringe and he took it but hes still quite bloated. im glad to see that he was taking the food that i gave him tho
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