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Yes, it can progress quickly. Frequent water changes and the Melafix should help. You caught it quickly, which is good.

Please keep us updated, and definitely post again if you notice that the damage isn't healing quickly.
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Agree with frequent waterchanges to keep bacteria concentration down as the best course of action. Medications can be very stressfull to fish so I would avoid any aggressive treatment unless your fish shows signs of getting worse.

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I just did a 50% water change and added more melafix. It looks like it hasnt progressed much since yesterday so hopefully it will soon clear up.
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Well, I think it has stopped. It no longer looks like fin rot, his tail fin is still a little rough around the edges and smaller than it should be, but it has cleared and has not progressed, so I think now its just a matter of waiting for the fin to grow back to its former glory. I changed the tank over to a higher stand today, so I had to empty out all the water, so that should lower the infection causing bacteria an little, lol! I also have stopped dosing melafix and am just adding a little bit of salt. My lfs owner gave me some salt for free when I told him about my fire mouth that he gave to me (I have a pretty good lfs, I get discounts on everything, they are the best lfs I've ever done business with.).
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Are you sure this wasn't aggression /nip from another fish? Hence the hiding behavior and only one spot showing damage. Tankmates?

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He has a very active and sometimes a little rambunctious eel-tailed catfish (tandanus tandanus) as a tank mate. But they get on great and when they aren't cruising around the tank or begging for food they rest side by side. The catfish is very active (and sometimes chases the firemouth while staying an inch or so behind it, I think the catfish just wants to play tag, lol), but Slinky (the catfish) is never aggressive and and never bites the firemouth. The firemouth has never had torn fins before, only after his heater episode, and the fin has now healed, so it was def not the catfish, which is his only tankmate, apart from a little mussel about a inch long. cheers, Jim
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