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Help Id with no Picture

Hey, I have tried to take a photo of whats on my glass but I cant get my cheapo camera to focus on it so its always blurry. So I will try to explain it.

I noticed on my glass 3 days ago a circle. I ignored it but now there is another circle and its a good 8 inches away from this one. The circle is see through and clear, almost like a gelitan. inside the circle are little chambers. To me it looks either like a honeycomb that is clear, or a grapefruit if you cut it in have and make it become transparent.

I have NO clue what this is or if i should scrape it off the glass or leave it alone.

Only things I have in the tank are some snails, ghost shrimp, and some tetras *til the puffers come then they go to sisters tank*

Any Idea as to what this could possibly be? Again I dont have a photo or anything cause I cant get a clear picture of it.
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What kind of snail do you have? My pond snails lay eggs on the glass, looks alot like the way you have described.
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yeah,sounds like snail eggs to me too.

when you set up a new tank,hide an extra
sponge or two behind some decor,that way you have
something seeded for you next filter.
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Honeycomb eh? That's ramshorn snails (Planorbis sp.).

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yeah I think I have ramshorn's in there they look like the pictures of them i found on the internet. the snails that is.

There are other snails in there as well but it seems to look like most are rams. puffers like rams right? :)
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Puffer do like rams!
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WOOT! lol then I have nothing to worry about hehe I can just hear the puffers now. Nom nom nom
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