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help with ich

ok I got the A.P.I. super ich cure from the fish store and I did the first dosage and raised my temp to 82 then I waited 2 days like it said and then did a seconde treatment now it says wait another 2 days and then do a 25 percent water change which tomorrow morning will be the 2 days and I can still see ich on 2 of my fish so should I go and pick up another pack of the super ich cure and skip the water change and then continue the treatment?
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My opinion & personal experience is yes. It's what I would do and have done.
Which tank of the three are you treating?
I just noticed that you keep scaleless fish in two of your three tanks.
It is recommended that you should medicate at only 1/2 the required dosage when keeping scaleless fish.
I keep cats & loaches so I followed 1/2 the recommendation.
You may already be doing this??

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It is in my mollie tank I have been doing half of the dosage. Originally there were 4 fish that had ich and now there is only 2 so I think it is working just it hasnt finished it off yet. So I should skip the 25 percent water change and continue the dosage or should I do the water change and then continue the dosage?
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The 55 gal mollie tank is what I mean not the fry tank.
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I would still do the water change, then cotinue the treatment.
It is said that water changes can help remove some of the free swimming ick.
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