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I'll have a look Kitten but I'm reluctant to spend any more money.

Brown spots of some kind of algae type stuff are starting to appear all over the tank.. is this some terrible sign that something is wrong with the tank or perfectly normal/a good sign?

Now I've fallen for dwarf puffer fish. =') They seem to have pretty fussy requirements when it comes to food though.
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The brown algae could be diatoms. It's quite normal in a new tank and it appears and then goes away later. You can just wipe it away if you don't like it.
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Im looking to start a dwarf puffer tank myself, they're so interesting... and they swim funny.
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Thank you Tanker. =)

x3 Everything I've read about dwarf puffers has just made them more and more interesting~!
I am already plotting how to persuade my parents not only that I need a new fish tank but that they need to buy it for me for christmas/birthday. xD
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got my water tested again & ammonia is still off the charts.

I am quite (pleasantly) surprised to see my fish are still alive! D=
I'm thinking of buying some kind of quick growing plant to take in some of the ammonia (and because I'll take any excuse to get more plants.. =D) but I've already got vallisneria, swords, dwarf hairgrass (or something similar) & a stem plant I can never remember the name of which surely should be helping already surely? They're definitely growing..
I also have an anubias I think but I took it out since the roots were rotting quite a lot.
It's currently sitting in a bucket of aquarium water.. probably not ideal but my fish are more important so it will have to deal with it.
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Have you tested the ammonia level of your tap water? Are you still using the Ammolock? How many water changes are you doing and how much water are you changing at a time?

Sorry if it's there, but I just reread the thread and missed it if it is. How big is your tank and what fish have you got in there?
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I haven't tested the tap water since I don't yet have a test kit. I'm going to order one this weekend though so I should know by the end of the week. =/
I've been using some ammolock but not the full dose.
I'm doing a water change every day but since I am worried about the buckets, I've only got two jugs so I can only change three litres at a time. D=
I did do two 50% water changes at the beginning of the week though.

The tank is 30 litres & there are 5 cardinal tetra.
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something I don't think I mentioned earlier is a week or so ago I discovered I had three or four tiny snails in the tank - they're definitely not there anymore.
I've see the tetra try to eat them but I wouldn't have thought they'd have succeeded?
Maybe I got something i the tank which as well as wiping out the bacteria, killed off my snails?

Also, I forgot the say thank you so much for your help. =)
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The high ammonia could have killed your snails, perhaps.

There could be ammonia in your tap water. As I understand it, you'll still get an ammonia reading if you are using chemicals to detoxify ammonia - but you won't know if it's a result for ammonia or ammonium. I would just use Prime when you change the water, and do a water change if you've got a reading for ammonia.

Changing 3 litres at a time isn't going to bring the levels down much. Why are you concerned about your buckets? Did you use them for cleaning or with chemicals before? As recommended, buy yourself a brand-new bucket and use it only for your aquarium. Once you've got a decent bucket, deal with any ammonia readings by water changes. But I'd definitely find out if you've got ammonia in your source water. No amount of water changes will bring your levels down, if the ammonia is in your source water.
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I bought two new buckets specially but noticed last week an oily layer on top of the water in one of them.
So I immediately stopped using them and left one bucket full of water to see what happened - it got more oily & started to smell quite weird.

But! Today my mum bought some 5 litre water bottles from Tescos for me so I can use those now. =D
My fish are already so much happier & more lively - and they're no longer constantly gulping.

Once the tank has finished cycling I'm hoping to start buying the RO water from the fish shop since the tap water is quite hard & yeah, life is good. =)
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