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help! Cory acting "off" gills look odd

ok first the situation. i have a cory thats about maybe 1 yr old. it has not had any prior problems but when i came home today she was swimming in place in one of the corners bobbing up and down to get air. after a good 10 minutes she setteled down to the bottom and hasn't really moved much since. physicly she looks ok EXCEPT for her gills look theres some kinda piece sticking out. it looks to big to be a parasite though and its not really inflamed. i have a picture that i'm going to post that has a pretty decent shot of the gill. all the other fish includeing the other cory are acting healthy and fine.

(click on the thumbnail for a much better larger image)

i just have done a 50% water change just now and cleaned half the gravel

tank stats BEFORE 50% water change

20 gallon tank
2 mechanical/carbon/bio filters

fish in tank
3 zebra danios
2 corys
1 bushy nose pleco
1 weather loach (dojo loach)
1 checkered barb
2 cherry barbs
1 fish we can't identify looks kinda like a bloodfin tetra but doesn't have red fins, just underside.
various live plants

ok, the various levels in the tank were not ideal before the change

ammonia .50
nitrates - 200+
nitrites - vitually 0
ph about 6.0

weve had the ammonia and nitrites under pretty good control but we can't seem to bring down the nitrates or bring up the PH nomatter what we try

she seems to be moveing around more since the water change but her gills still look odd. maybe the gill thing is my imagination. what do you guys think?

any help with the Cory or the tank is appriciated
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Your water readings are odd??
200+ nitrates? Its suppose to be 40 and below, somebody correct me if im wrong?

Also the ammonia should be at 0, dart swimming in the corners is usualy a sign that the ammonia is getting to them.
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my ammonia usually is at 0

the nitrate kit i have goes up to 200 and thats the color its getting, maybe its just an odd kit?

shes acting somewhat normal now but still not as active as usual. her gills still look odd.....
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Hm, well regardless of whether or not your testing kit is accurate, swimming to the bottom and hiding are not common symptoms of ammonia poisoning. Likewise, Nitrates that high would have already killed all of those fish in that tank, and you described the other fish as "healthy." If your nitrates are that high (highly unlikely) then you can buy special filters that will remove them. They are costly, but your tap water may have abnormal levels of nitrates in it.
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What test kit are you using? I'd recommend you buy API liquid test kit. Be careful with test kits. Some are quite old and have reached expiration dates. If you see odd results, it's best to try another kit (a liquid is more preferable for accurate results).

Check your tapwater using a new kit for nitrates.

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even if it was at 200, a 50% water change would only bring it down to 100 so you may need to do another change to get it back down to normal levels. I've had customers have to do 3 or 4 small water changes before nitrates got to healthy levels. Do you have any live plants? I've found them to be a good way to keep my nitrates down and only a few of them provide anough oxygen for my 47. Picklee, nitrates can get that high in a tank and they wont neccisarily kill all of the fish. A lot of "poisoning" from ammonia, nitrites and nitrates are from long term exposure and each fish will be effected differently.

Mike H
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Do be sure to check your tap water; I could not get my ammonia levels down below .5 no matter how many water changes I did. I finally checked my tap water, and sure enough, there was .5ppm of ammonia in the water already!!

Best wishes for your fishes!
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first off thanks for the replies. i posted in some other forums and got no help...i guess they wern't to active. but i appricate the help.

i do have alot of live plants, i acually got them to help control nitrate levels but they did nothing so i'm pretty sure its just the test kit. the kit is a mardel multi test strips.

she seems to be doing ok. not really as active like i said but not as odd as she acted before.

did anyone think her gills looked odd in those pictures?
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