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The light could have really shocked him. It's always best to turn room lights on for a bit before turning the tank light on to allow him to adjust to the light for a bit. When turning lights off again turning the tank light off a few minutes before turning the room light off does the same thing in reverse.

And i'm really sorry to hear that about your betta. :(
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wow... this is the first time I heard of light seizures, although I figure the light might freak them out once in a while... but now, at least i know about this....

I'm sorry for your loss... I COMPLETELY know where ur coming from, KingTriton (cute sn) .. I had 6 bettas before my current 3... and each of them lasted maybe 2 weeks at least and one month the most. This was before I heard about heaters and bigger tanks.

The 6 fishes that died when I was clueless, 3/4 of them had the EXACT same symptoms/ behavior before they died... I FREAKED out and started researching this but I THINK what happened, from my research, is that maybe they died from ( I forgot what its called...) something something poison.... ammonia? The water was cold and although I changed the water every few days, I think every time I changed the water the temp/ new water shocked my bettas.... Some of them started to form pale horizontal lines across their body, or would only get up for air, but lied flat on the floor, lethargic and tired.

Its funny, my baby betta (about 3 or 4 months old... I had him for 3 months now) he LOVES the light... whenever I turn his light off... his face turns pale and doesn't really move. But when I do turn on his light... he is so happy and excited and moves around alot.

Hope this kind of helped you... I remember when my fishes died... I felt TERRIBLE and sad. But having a heater and a larger tank really does make a difference. Each of my 3 bettas each have at least a 2 gallon tank w/ heater and they have brilliant finnage and energetic, loves food, and loves me :)
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I got a new betta two days ago. She seems happy in her new tank and very energetic. Sometimes she seems too energetic and I have to check to make sure she's not have a seizure as well! My fish that died didn't eat the entire time he was with me (about 6 days). I also noticed some stringy white-ish poop hanging from him the day before he died, which isn't healthy. He was probably already sick. The funny thing is that he looked healthy and he seemed so much more lively than the betta I had a year ago that lived for quite a while.

My new betta is a blueish aquamarine color with some faint pale horizontal lines on her sides. Only about 2 on each side that go down her body. Does this mean there is something wrong with her? It looks just like it's her coloring. She seems to be acting normal and is eating just fine.
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sounds like a very pretty fish

as for the white lines, i think its normal if she is acting fine, being well.
i wish you luck with him!

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I have a baby fish, i think he is about 5 months old... I think I got him when he was about 2/3 months... and I had him for about 3 months now... he has two pale horizontal lines across his eyes on both side, its been ever since I got him... I think he is cross bred w/ a crowntail (or he has fin rot... which is funny cuz he doesn't seem to lose finnage, just the edges) and cross bred with either a veiltail betta or a plankat... I dunno... but I seem those horizontal lines across some betta's eyes, but it usually ran the entire body, which his didn't... my betta seems fine. He looks perfectly healthy (except his tail and front fins and his back fin which are jaggedy... the petco guy that I talked to about him said he was probably bred with a crowntail... hmmm... but anyways, he chases my finger around and eats like a horse. good luck!
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Question Us too!!!

Our fish does that too! But has been for months.. Ours does not stand up though, she still alive and we are watching her do this now. What is this???
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Originally Posted by KingTriton View Post
He passed away. I just checked on him.

Can someone please tell me if these seizures are common? Is there a specific illness that causes them?

How long have you had him, how big was his tank and how often did you change the water?

I am skeptical that a fish prone to seizures would survive past fryhood, but ammonia kills fish by causing nerve damage, which manifests as -you got it- twitching and seizing.
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