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Had ich, now...is it fungus?

Hey Forum

I just treated my tank for ich, and now I have some questions.

1. My golden ram has had this white spot on its left side ever since I got it; several months ago. It looks just like ich, but there's an identical one on the other side (same size, same place.) It can't be ich, right?

2. After several losses my ich has gone, but my golden ram has a larger white spot on its left side. I can't get a good photo, otherwise I would use one. It's a small, white-ish dot. It kinda has the cotton-ball look associated with fungus, but I'm not entirely sure.

3. Does this molly look allright?

Thanks everyone!
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What numbers do water tests reveal? Ammonia,nitrites,nitrates,ph,temp? Without numbers it's anyones guess as to what might or might not be affecting the Ram.
Will say that Bolivian ram would come much closer to sharing similar water parameters with mollies than the german Blue or Gold Rams would.

The most important medication in your fish medicine cabinet is.. Clean water.
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wheres the pic of the golden ram?

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I said I couldn't get a good pic. It doesn't stand still long enough, and my camera isn't good enough. There's an update though - after staring at my aquarium for about twenty minutes, the "spot" almost looks like acne...I hope that helps =\

Oh, and 1077 I'll post results as soon as I can.
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if it looks fuzzy theres a high chance of it being fungus, ive heard of people pre treating fish during a QT before they move them to the display (L.A Fish Guys on you tube) to ensure they wont bring anything to the display tank. If i were in your position i would throw the afected fish(s) into QT and treat for fungus and see where that goes but thats just my opinion.
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