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green water

Hello and thank you for viewing this posting. I have a 75 gallon tank witth a 250gph and a 450gph pump system. I usually use city water and add neutral regulator and stress coat when i clean the tank. i have never had any trouble till now. the last time i changed the water i got an alge bloom that i cannot get rid of. I have tried different chemichals and it looks like lake water. The last time i had a bloom the chemichls cleared it right up. My amonia and ph levels are good the fish seem healthy but my water is nasty. there is no growth on the tank walls or the pumps but the water is green. Anyone had a similar experience i fear i have mutated a new form of alge that survives city water and chemicles
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Hi and welcome aboard, Sanranch.

What are the exact water parameters?:) Also, do you have test for phosphates? High phosphate level is often one of the causes of green water.

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green water

i will retest, i am going on the petco dudes knowlege and experience that will be my next thing . is thate a phosphate regulator that i add to my water
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Re: green water

Originally Posted by sanranch
i will retest, i am going on the petco dudes knowlege and experience that will be my next thing . is thate a phosphate regulator that i add to my water
Petco dudes generally have no knowledge.

Probably have way to high of nitrates and or phosphates. Could even be worn out bulbs. I'd bet a few good water changes would help eliminate the problem. If nothing works a UV sterilizer might. Chemicals are not the answer.
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I have to agree, chemicals are not the answer here. You mentioned that there have been algae blooms in the past... that means something is causing them to happen repeatedly. You can't fix something if you don't know what's broken. The best approach, especially since the fish look good, are to get water params for ammonia, nitrite, nitrate, pH, and Phosphate. Have "the petco dude" write down exact numbers. I agree with what the others said about petco dudes knowing squat, and also that this is likely a nitrate/phosphate issue. Does the tank get any direct sunlight during the day? How long since you changed your lightbulbs? How long is the light on the aquarium in a 24 hr period? Once we can identify the cause, we can help you to fix it so it doesn't come back again. The other info we need is what fish are in the tank... species and how many of each, tank size, maintenance schedule, and feeding routines. The more you can tell us the faster and easier it is for us to help you.

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How long have you had the tank running?

How often do you do gravel vacs?

How often do you do water changes? Estimated how much water is removed?

How often do you do your filter maintenance?

What fish do you have in your tank?

If you don't do proper water changes, the nitrates can tend to increase.
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