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Goldfishmaybe be lonely

ok i'm not sure what catagory this would fall under so the admins can move it if needed but i recently lost a gold fish to swim bladder and died with in an hour i moved him in a giant bucket so he have room to get better befotr he died and i did 100% water change on the fish tank gave the survior medicine just in case used amonia remover on her tank to help rid ay strong chances of amonia and well after the fish died the survior has been swimming up and down the tank and will not stop and she is getting pretty big i'm not sure how many inches she is though but she's growin she is in a five gallon tank and yes i am moving her to a bigger tank i'm hoping next month or october cause we're moving soon anyway with bigger space which mean bigger tank and um well i'm just making sure this is a normal behavior for a fish when they lose a tank mate and i do plan to get her a new friend soon. ihave a betta and he seems fine i don't see any problems with him. well any problems i can tell anyway he may be fine other than sitting at the bottom of the tank in his little hut but he is active in his 2.5 gallon.anyway here is the behavior is it loniness?


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That looks like normal goldfish behaviour to me. I think you're worrying too much.

Glad to read you'll be increasing her tank size. The rule of thumb with goldfish is 10 gallons per every inch of fish. If you're going to get her a tankmate, might as well get a HUGE tank since they grow quite large anyway.
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it's just made me curious cause i've heard fish devolop odd behaviors after a tank mate dies and since her and the betta are all i have left i want to make sure she stays alive for more than a few months and rather be safe than sorry.i have been looking at some prretty decent size tanks i sawa 40 gallon one i really liked and want to get it and replaced the goldfish for smaller fish i know that can live in this five gallon bio wheel tank.i still find it funny even though goldfish are poop machines the goldfish tank is surprisingly cleaner unlike the betta fish where it fets dirty easily
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In my experience, when a fish runs the tank walls like that, something is irritating him...
How's your water quality?
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Originally Posted by LyzzaRyzz View Post
In my experience, when a fish runs the tank walls like that, something is irritating him...
How's your water quality?
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the water quality is fine though since i'm out of town i have to do a water cnage when i get home since my mom who is feeding them right now isn't doing the water change since she doesn't know how
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Do you test for ammonia? Nitrite? Nitrate? KH/GH? Your ph?

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