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I've gone through a lot of fish I guess you could say. Beta's seem to hate me (except my current one who thankfully has survived past the first month), so because of that I decided I'd just go and try a 'harder-to-kill" fish as my friend put it, which just so happened to be a goldfish. I had a small 2 gallon hexagon tank that needed to be filled, so I purchased two small, hardly 1" fantail goldfish. I had chosen one that was quite healthy and one who even the girl at petco said would probably die shortly . She had turned up been right (RIP Patch), but I couldn't just let the poor thing die in a tank at the store not knowing what it is to be loved. Any who, Fish stick had managed to stay alive and was a very active very bright orange, though seemed lonely so I got her a new friend, Tofu. They soon out grew the 2g. (they were about 2-3") so I set up my 10g. and also got a pleco (approx. 2") after month. Fishstick and Tofu grew up quickly (Fishstick 5" Tofu 4.5ish" Pleco 6"), and it was starting to get to the point where I needed to 'upgrade' my tank. Sadly, Tofu had died a few months before I purchased my 29g. tank.

I moved Plexo the Pleco and Fishstick into their new home which had plenty of more space. However Fishstick seemed depressed and not nearly quite as active as she had once been with her bf Tofu (they had different 'bits and pieces' and tofu always chased her which is supposedly a type of flirting) so I decided I would go out and buy Fishstick a fishy friend. My baby was hardly 1" and was utterly mortified by Fishstick as she was 5" larger than him/her (they've become bestest friends now). Because I had gotten such a small goldfish and Plexo was 6" (and they can be territorial) I figured I would watch the tank more than usual. This is when I noticed changes in my Fishstick. She was losing her bright colors and they were being replaced with white (i'd seen it before but i just assumed her bit of white under her belly was just growing with her). Over the course of about 7 months my dear Fishstick has gone from being a vibrant orange/gold fish to a basically white goldfish (her face has remained a yellow/orange). It seems awful, like, why is my fish going white...?! But because she was so large at the time, it made it easy to tell that her scales were just changing colors and she wasn't ill. She's not 9" along with Plexo, and my baby is about 3.5". They're all happy and healthy, so sometimes it just happens.
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