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Good or bad results? This was taken 20 hours into treatment. Compared to the earlier photo, is he improving? It seems like lots of the ick is gone, but skin is falling. Is that the cyst, and the ick falling off?
(the top are both from today)
(this one is yesterday)

He is swimming around alot more, though he seems weak when he is around where the filter is pouring water in (I just changed the setting so it's not pouring in so hard). Alot more movement as opposed to yesterday, where he wouldn't move from the ground.

I am assuming now is the time to do a partial water change...of 25 % due to the salt. I'll be doing that in an hour, if that's what you all think is good.

Please tell me he's getting better!!
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To be honest, I don't really know what that is!! It's not the ich falling off.. The skin under looks healthy though, it looks promising... It almost looks like hes got a mucus coat and its all falling off? Very weird. But he does look better!! Although he is still a sad looking fish, if he is swimming around and not resting on the bottom then thats great.

Yes do a 25% water change and be sure to vacuum the gravel to pick up any ich cysts.

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hmm interesting. well maybe he's shedding the bad infect-y skin or something. who knows, hopefully this isn't some horrible skin-falling-off-for-good disease, but at least he's looking better underneath.

I was going to ask, he seems to have some skin falling off like that inside his mouth that's bothering him. when he gasps, it flies out then back in and he seems aggrivated. It's safe to say that it looks like it's barely attatched, so is there a way i can help to remove it?
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perhaps is the Pimafix causing the bad skin to be shed? Or maybe it was some kind of growth on him?
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Its possible that hes producing a mucus coat to help shed the fungal infection?

I wouldn't try and remove the skin yourself. It may end up hurting him more then doing good. It'll come off when its good n ready.

The skin under all this gunk looks to be in very good condition. So just keep up what your doing and keep up posted.

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I will! Thanks so much for your help. All hope is not lost!
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Well, I regret to say that since midnight last night, Buckley has died. He's not floating upsidedown or anything like the others did...he looks like he simply froze in the position he was last in and ended up floating against the filter intake sucker thing. So he looked very alive when I woke up, but for the fact that he wasn't moving. :( Does anyone have any idea why this would have happened? The water is at 73 degrees and he wasn't in any direct sunlight. I definitely didn't put too much medication in, because I put less than suggested, in case he wasn't used to it, you know? Hm..?

I turned off the filter and he just floated slowly up, still right side up. is that normal? I don't know. Anyway, since obviously goldfish are not right for this aquarium, if anyone has any ideas of what kind/how many fish I can put in this 5 gallon, please tell me. Maybe something small like neon tetras? I guess I'd be looking for fish that are hardy that can live around 73 degrees in my size tank. Let me know what you'd suggest.

(Thank you all for your help, by the way. Even though he died, I did see a big improvement by last night. Pretty good for two days.)
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Aw :( So sorry to hear about Buckely!!

He was pretty bad, it might have just been to much for him. Theres really no way to tell what finally killed him. Lol I've never once had a fish go 'belly up' seems weird because I thought all fish did that. But nope, I normally find them stuck on the filter intake, or just rocking in the current.

You should really invest in a little heater and get a Betta!! A betta would be perfect for a 5 gallon tank, but only if theres a heater in it. But a heater will only run you like ten bucks.

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I'm sorry for your loss. Unfortunately, that definitely wasn't ich, or at least not *just* ich. It looks primarily to me like it was a fin rot or some other fungal problem. While Pimafix is an antifungal, it was far too weak to treat an infection which was so far progressed. Although you don't have a water test kit, it seems pretty certain that this problem was brought on by poor water quality.

I'm really sorry if this sounds harsh. It's not meant to be, I know that you were completely misinformed by your fish store and I commend you for being so receptive to help and suggestions once you found this resource. I just thought you'd appreciate knowing so you can prevent it from happening again. :)

As for other fish- if you don't plan on getting a heater your choices are somewhat limited. However, it doesn't mean you can't get some very cool fish. What you need is a small, subtropical or coldwater fish. Personally, I think killifish are incredibly cool, and rather addictive. Most stay very small, many are incredibly colorful and they are ridiculously hardy. For example, here's a species that I keep: Most of the algae eating shrimp also do well in colder water, so you could add some colorful Red Cherry Shrimp if you wanted as well. Another good candidate would be the Paradise fish. They are related to bettas and are also very hardy.

My suggestion would be to completely disinfect your tank and then to read up on the nitrogen cycle of aquariums, which we refer to as "cycling". This will be the key to starting a happy, healthy tank. You'll also need a good liquid test kit before getting your next fish, as this is how you will monitor the water and make sure there aren't any water quality issues like this time.
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Thank you both for your direct answers! I don't need to have the truth skirted around, no :), it's better to just hear that what I did was stupid, and I can accept that! haha.

Anyway, I'm hoping that someone has a source for cleaning and cycling a tank after an infection. I really need a step by step guide so I don't mess up, just until i get used to doing these things. I need to know stuff like what to use to disinfect, how long i need to let it sit/scrub it, whether filter inserts should be changed, and a good way to clean rocks! All that kind of thing.

Also, even though I dont have a heater, I would be willing to get one. I don't want to be limited in my choice. But yes...I'm looking for hardy, colorful fish! It'd be nice to have more than one...but I guess the annoying thing is that to have more than one in a small tank, they end up being that right? Even if I could have three fish, that'd be good. I just remember being annoyed when I had 8 neon tetras with my mom, because I could hardly ever see them! Anyway, let me know!

Thanks again. [/u]
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