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pet stores cant check water for fish illnesses as far as i know. its just to check your water parameters. youre really better getting a kit yourself than taking it to the pet store but like you say youre broke until wednesday so taking it to the store is certainly better than not checking it at all.

often fish will swim to the surface gasping for air when theres not enough oxygen in the water or the water quality is poor. the filter flow should agitate the water surface a bit (or a lot depending on what fish you have but a little will ensure theres oxygen) to make sure the water doesnt become still and lacking in oxygen.

as for the water quality, youll need to wait and see how it tests however if amonia is high, water changes will lower this, and certainly if it isnt high it wont do any harm. try changing 25% of the water every couple of days and see if it helps any. if amonia is high this will bring it down, and if not, 25% water changes wont upset the good bacteria

good luck
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i should also have added that i agree with musho - it definitely does not sound like itch and high amonia levels definitely would appear to be the cause
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Thanks again.

I'll stop using the meds right away. I was getting tired of it anyway. Especially since it didn't appear to be working at all.
Is there anything I can do to help with the ammonia right away other than changing the water?

Thanks for all you time everyone.
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you can buy chemicals to remove amonia but most people would tell you to steer clear of them. also most medications cant be used with amonia removers so since youve been medicating then its probably a big no no. water changes are really the best way im afraid. its a small tank so it wont be too troublesome doing small water changes
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no sadly you cant do much about the ammonia, best things to do is to feed less and do daily water changes.
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Thanks everyone. I'll keep doing the water changes. It's not hard at all because it's such a small tank. I only have to take out a little better than two liters to change 1/3 of the water, so hopefully it won't take too long for my little fella to start feeling better.
I tried to take some more pics of him, but they are too large to post on this site. Most of them didn't turn out so good anyway. I just want to know for sure that I'm on the right track this time. I don't know how many more wrong guesses my poor fishy can take. He sure is a tough little guy.

Thanks for all you time everyone.
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