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Originally Posted by bearwithfish View Post
if i may also interject some advice based on my personal experiance.... it is also possible to treat ICK with heat alon and no medications.... if you raise the temp 1 degree per day until you reach 88-89 F and then leave it there for 7 days and then slowly reduce temp by 1 degree per day until back to your normal level you will have sped up the ick life cycle and killed them all off... with out medications and with no harm to your environment.. an added benifit would be that BB will grow more rapidly during this time hastening your cycle.....
not attempting to be contrary nor am i attempting to step on anyones feet just demonstrating one way that has worked for our tanks.....

I would simply add that at higher temps, oxygen levels in the tank may make one consider adding an airstone during this form of treatment. At higher temps,less oxygen is available.

The most important medication in your fish medicine cabinet is.. Clean water.
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I housed my female betta that i use for breeding in a 2.5 gal tank until i was able to get a 10 gal setup for her. She was in it for over a month, no issues, and now I have baby betta's which says a lot I suppose lol.

Honestly a few degree change through the day isn't that bad, as it would do the same in a natural environment. Compared to a heater cooking everything then being unplugged to cool down. The heaters that kick off at certain temps, haven't seen any in a while, however last I saw they weren't that cheap either.

I own lots of lil buggers and tanks so cost is a big thing I look at... I would rather take my time and breed fish so I don't have to buy more. I have people who give me male / female pairs to breed just so I can have some lol.

Designing my 120 setup for my bedroom... send me ideas if you have any. Tank will house Endler's.
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