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Fragile Angelfish?

Are FW angelfish particularly fragile? I'm having difficulty keeping small angelfish alive! So far, I have purchased six (in two sets) from the local Petsmart. I'm down to two survivors and only one is feeding. I'm using a quarantine tank with a HOB. Some angels ate, then died during the course of a week, some refused to eat from day 1, and none showed any sign of fungus, ick, or any external problems. I tried medicating with coppersafe and they still seem to be failing. The pleco in the quarantine tank is doing well.

I don't remember having this much difficulty when I had them years ago. The water tests out fine, no ammonia, nitrate or nitrite, I'm changing about 20% every couple of days. Any suggestions?
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Have you thought of trying some from a different store? I had terrible luck with angelfish from PetSmart... I'd bought 5, they all died... bought 5 more... when the first one died I went and got it replaced at no charge... and then that replacement one as well as the others all died within a week.

I started buying them from a different store, and they seem much more stable/hardy.
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That's my plan, but the only other local source is Petco. Their tanks didn't look any healthier (dead fish in the tanks)...
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You'll be better off with online shopping for reputable breeders.

What strain are these angels? Some strains particularly double black are very fragile.

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I think these are the mutts, the "mixed" angelfish. They are certainly nothing special. I wanted some veils, but it looks like the big box pet stores and the current economy drove all my local area LFS out of business.

Any recommendations for a reputable (but not show quality $$) vendor?
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Maybe check around your area for local breeders. A local fish club is also a good source for finding breeders.

150 Gallon - Mostly American Cichlids
135 Gallon - Angelfish Community
75 Gallon - Odd couple (Polleni/Angelfish)
55 Gallon - African tank
20 Gallon Long - QT
10 Gallon - Empty
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are you sure your pH is ok?
ask your lfs to check their pH, compare it to yours.

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Hyphessobrycon eques (Red Serpae Tetra) x6
Ilyodon furcidens x3
Monodactylus sebae (Mono) x1
Pimelodus pictus (Pictus Cat) x1
Pterophyllum scalare(Angelfish) x5
Trichogaster fasciata (Banded Gourami) x2
Trichogaster lalius (Dwarf Gourami) x3

Ambystoma mexicanum x3

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Originally Posted by tah1795 View Post
are you sure your pH is ok?
ask your lfs to check their pH, compare it to yours.
I'm checking the water parameters daily, it's sitting close to neutral, right @ 6.9-6.8. One lone angel is doing well, eating everything, the other remaining angel died last night after never eating. Pleco still doing well. Granted, Petsmart replaces the fish, but what a waste of fish (ethical issue), my time, and effort!

I also discovered the local Petsmart receives their fish on Tuesday afternoons. Coincidentally(?), the local Petco gets their shipments Tuesday mornings. I'd suspect they buy from the same supplier.. Anyone know?
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