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Flashing Cories?

So a couple of my cories are flashing. They swim at the bottom along the substrate and every now and then rub themselves against the sand. Mainly their faces. They show no signs of anything being wrong like ich. I this normal behavior or something else?

Now there's one cory who was having some real issues. He would "pass out" then start swimming but in circles straight up like he was dizzy then swim down and crash. He also has/had red gills. Once I saw what was going on I did a 50% water change and today he seems better not 100% but his gills aren't red anymore. So what's going on?

Water quality is good and there's no tank-mate problems so what is going on?
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If your fish are flashing and in fact have red gills, the water quality is NOT good. Flashing is due to either high nitrites or off PH levels..period. Re-assess the water conditions more closely. Cories are especially vulnerable as they dwell on the bottom where waste buildup is concentrated. The water change was the best thing you could have done. Continue replacing 20% daily with Stress-coat of course and make sure your media is fresh.
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Thanks White Shark. I will do another water change as soon as I get home from work today and test the water before. When I tested the what before the last water change I did ammonia, nitrate and nitrite and all came up 0. Also the ph is somewhere around 7-7.4 I always have trouble reading that test. The only thing I can come up with is the organics in the water. I added a bunch of new plants not too long ago and there all losing their emersed leaves and it's hard to keep up with the pruning.
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So the couple of cories are still doing the same flashing motion near the sand. They still show no signs of disease and eat and act normal otherwise. I've been doing a water change every other day because I don't have time to do one every day unfortunately. Is there something else that I can do to help these little guys out?
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