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Fish thrusting their sides into rocks or decorations...

A couple of my fish do this now and then like they are trying to scratch or something. Or are they playing? What I mean is: They very quickly accelerate the side of their bodies into a hard surface.

See tank blurb for tank info.
Set up for about 10 weeks.
No live plants.
Eheim Classic 2213 filter.
No direct sunlight. Darker room.
Water changes: 2 every 3 weeks. Bout 30%.
Feed once a day.
All test are very good.
Recently lost my first 2 fish: a rosey barb and a black platy, but they hadn't been doing this "scratching" thing.


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This action is known as "flashing" and is common behavior to most fish. It must be mentioned here, though, that this action may also be an indicator of a dermal problem such as parasites or other malady such as poor water quality. A check of the water quality using a quality test kit (check for ammonia, pH, and nitrates) as well as a more than casual inspection of the fish will determine if the "flashing" is normal behavior or a problem that needs to be addressed.
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Yeah, I agree, flashing is often times a sign of possible ich...even if you don't see white dots. I would test water perameters and do any needed water changes to make sure that water quality is good. I would also suggest temporary use of freshwater aquarium salt and regular use of a stress coat. You may have cought a possible illness early on and these simple procedures could prevent something more serious. Keep a close eye on any physical irregularities on the fish.

Mike H
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