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Fish TB

Well, I'm crushed, my big community tank has broken out with TB. I've no choice but to cull the sick fish :( I suspect the sudden breakout has been caused by their immune systems being weakened by a breakout of camallanus.

All of my threadfin rainbows are infected, and they've been dropping like flies. One of my honey gourami is on it's way out the door, the other is not showing signs except for loss of color, but I'm sure it's just a matter of time.

My question is, what other fish must I cull? I know that some species are more prone to it than others. I'm planning on leaving my plecos and cories be, as they aren't known to contract TB. However, I'm worried that any fish I keep will be carriers, and possibly infect new fish in the future.

I'm particularly worried about my Garra and Ram, which I've read are prone to TB, but I really, really don't want to cull, and they aren't showing any signs.

Here's what I have:

1 Garra Flavatra
1 Female Plakat
4 Betta falx (1m, 3f)
1 Baryancistrus demantoides Pleco
2 Colisa chuna "Honey Gourami"
1 Corydoras aeneus "Bronze"
2 Corydoras paleatus "Peppered"
1 Corydora schwartzi
5 wild-caught cories *very* similar to the schwartzi
1 Mikrogeophagus altispinosus "Bolivian Ram"
12 Iriatherina werneri "Threadfin Rainbowfish" (down to 6 now)
9 Albino Bristle Nose Plecos
2 Crossocheilus siamensis "true Siamese algae eater"

The betta falx are going to be QT'd and I will be monitoring them for a very long time. I don't have the heart to cull them and they aren't showing any signs.

Should I keep these guys in permanent QT? Cull them? Ahh, I really don't want to!
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Oh, man. That really sucks!! Sorry to hear that. That's scary stuff. Be careful putting your hands in the tank. Make sure you don't have any nicks or cuts on your hands. You can get a nasty rash from fish TB.

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Been there, done that. I lost over 90 fish that way. The only option is destroy all fish to avoid any more possible routes of contamination for future stocks.

If I were you, keep monitoring all fish. If one fish seems to fail recovery despite your attempts, destroy the fish immediately and watch the rest. This is really a PITA.

How did you figure out TB?

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If I were you, keep monitoring all fish. If one fish seems to fail recovery despite your attempts, destroy the fish immediately and watch the rest. This is really a PITA.
I euthanized the threadfins, the gourami and the betta last night. I think I may have to euthanize my SAE's as one of them is looking rather pudgy. I haven't decided yet though. My betta falx are showing no syptoms, and I intend to keep them in an isolated tank for the rest of their lives (I was already planning this).

How did you figure out TB?
Luckily, it was very obvious, which saved me the pain of not being sure. The rainbows had mouth ulcers, pop-eye, lost scales and were very skinny. The gourami had loss of color, pop-eye, fin rot and ulcers. Plus, they're two types of fish very prone to TB, so one would expect to see symptoms in them first.
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You must be absolutely gutted. I'm really sorry to hear what's happened Maeve.

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Wow... Sounds like you need a hug. That sucks so much! I hope you manage to save your betta falx. It sounds like you really like them.

Your braver then I. I couldn't bring myself to kill all those fish. I would make my dad do it or something.

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