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Thanks bex -

The strange behaviors in my tank have me just baffled....

The molly found the heater an is back to loving up to it, even through a plant.

The flashing is still going on - its pretty frequent so I know its not the normal.

The platy hiding is still going on.

The clown loach getting more and more anorexic is still going on.

The marble angel bloating one day and not the next is still going on.

I am truly surprised that no fish had died yet.

I test my waters and they test consistent with all the readings I've had since day one. The pH has only varied from 7.8 to 8 to 7.8 again.

Going to do another major water change tonight and see what happens. I guess I can't err if I do lots of partial water changes, right? *grin*
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Ok i just finaly found the mardel fish disease chart buried on my desk. The flashing, spots on body and white stringy materials are all on the parasite list but the hiding and swollen body are part of the bacteral. And even for just ick it sugests useing a gram negative or gram positive antibiotic. how to tell the diffrence between gram negative and gram positive I never figured out. Is that anymore help wish i could copy the chart.
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Well - I am going to be going into the "Big City" tomorrow so I can pick something else up at the LFSs there - I am limited to a WalMart in my town - which frankly should not carry ANY fish and the medicines are limited to say the least. I do hate asking the LFS for any advice but....

I'm not sure what the difference is either between gram- and gram+ but I too have scoured websites and charts and lists looking for anything that might describe the behavior - maybe my fish are just neurotic like me?? LOL...

Seriously, thanks for your help!
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I have looked and looked myself my best guess would be to get either marcide or coppersafe and then maracy-two or maracyn. Or anouther brand with the same thing if it doesn't work try the other one though with the ick i know it's going to take some time for u to know if it's working or I have velvet in my tank right now and it's starting to fade after 2 weeks though i am useing copper so i slowly increased what was in the tank over a couple water changes. If you go with the copper (not sure if your fish can handle it my corys are ok with it) grab a copper test kit while you are there it makes water changes easier and check that your water conditioner doe's not say anything about hard metals. Let me know how it turns out I try to pick up any info I can so when it happens to me I don't have to spend all night online as i have been the past couple weeks lol.
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Random thought can the angel be eatting something they shouldn't be? My betta does that with the algae tablets meant for the cat fish.
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oh... my angel does eat the algae wafers for the oto cats.... hmm... All the other foods are tropical flake and shrimp pellet... maybe I should cut out the wafers...

I also threw out all the 1/2 fished cans of food and bought new and dated them so that I know when to get rid of them next time. Just as percausion incase the food was spoiled.

I know I also have a molly that looks like she is going to burst with babies soon - so I know he'll be eating those soon.

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Sad to report

the "skinny" clown loach and the male platty have passed.

Going to pretty much end this thread as I had filter issues and wont be treating this tank anymore until the tank cycles again - I'm expecting large losses - if not the entire tank.
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Exclamation Please Help: Worried about Platy

My Mickey Mouse Platy is not been eating or pooping for about 2 weeks now.
He is in a 1g bowl with a pH of 7.6. I do water changes very frequently and am crazy about keeping it clean. I noticed some small signs of fin and tail rot a few days ago and immediately went out and bought Melafix and some freshwater aquarium salt to help the water quality. His fins seem to be improving, but I am noticing more strange behavior. He seems to be a little bloated today, and his scales are very slightly raised. He is also spending all his time at the top of his tank, and if he swims to the bottom he does "handstands". I've been researching every type of disease or infection he could have and I'm really worried. Please help!
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Smile Platys are now well. Thanks for the advice.

I had 8 platys in a 10gal tank. I know it is overcrowded but I moved them into the new tank with a bio wheel to get them out of 3 one gallon bowls when several of them started shimmying. They shimmied in the new tank until I read your advice about raising temperature to 85F and adding 2 tbsp salt and using 10 drops of ick medication. After two days the fish all looked better, and on the third day they absolutely look fabulous. All swimming rapidly with fins extended, eating and pooping great. Thanks for the good advice (to overcome some early mistakes on my part.)
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