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Exclamation Fish Sick: Angel bloated, Molly kissing heater, platy hiding

Well, came home for lunch to find one of my Angelfish acting sick -

My black marble is all bloated and hanging out my the heater. I don't see scales raised. He ate fine this morning, and I didn't notice the bloating (but I hadn't had my caffiene yet either)

One of my mollies has been hanging/cuddling/kissing the heater for a couple of days, but she's been eating normal - I noted it, but wasn't sure if it was cause for alarm.

And now one of my platys is hiding (I was scared he was dead) which might not indicate he's sick, but I thought I would mention it.

I did an immediate water test:
Temp 80.1
pH 7.8
Ammonia 0
Nitrite 0
Nitrate 0

Last water change was Saturday. I used Amquel+ and Stress coat+

I have been treating for ick (there was a platy that was covered and spots on my male mollie) - used higher temperature (raised from 78 to 80) and 1/2 dose of Ick Away On my second cycle of treatment (day 5). Which by the way doesn't appear to be working, still have spots.

I'm planning on doing an immediate water change when I get home tonight (on my lunch hour now - so no time)

Any other thoughts, suggestions????

Thanks in advance
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Well for one thing depending on what you are using for ick if you use a carbon filter then that is the reason it's not working. also it might have babies or something


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PaperclipGirl (03-03-2010)
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Removed the carbon filters when I started treatment.... And I didn't think that Angelfish bloated before laying eggs.... or do they?

The molly still snuggled up to heater - considering upping the heat... or maybe she just likes her reflection in the metal heater and I should start calling her Narcissa....

The male platy I got out of hiding and he immediately started flashing. The other male platy is doing a shimmy. He immediately went back to hiding.

The angelfish pooped a little looked big and firm, then about 1/2 hour later excreted what I might call fish diarrhea. He also has some white spots on his pectoral fin - looks more like a fungus (bushy) rather than like ick (salt crystals).

The other fish seem okay.

I am starting to get frustrated. It seems like I look in there every day and see something new to worry about. I though fish were supposed to de stress you!

I don't want to lose any fish as this tank is mostly for my daughter - she's attached to the mickey mouse platy and the angelfish.

So now my conundrum is: is this bacterial, fungal or parasite?????
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Vacuum the gravel and do a big water change and add more treatment to treat them. Also how tall is the tank because angelfish grow large and need 18in at leas from top to bottom of the tank


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PaperclipGirl (03-03-2010)
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Did another water change and last ich treatment - turned the head up to 82 throughout the night and kept the lights off all day - and I haven't fed them, planning on feeding them tomorrow am.

MOST importantly - the bloating is gone!! He (or she?) looks normal today. Who knows what that was about.

Narcissa the molly is still loving up the heater and the male platy is still hiding - I'm considering a territorial issue there since the only other platy is also male.

My tank's a 55 gallon so it is 22 inches high, so I think there is enough height, but I wouldn't ever put angelfish in this tank again.

The angelfish came with the tank I bought off craigslist. The previous owner had the tank way overstocked with incompatible species - so I'm slowly working it over to a more community tank. When the angelfish go, I'm going to do smaller species that do well in more brackish water to compensate for my higher pH and hardness from my tap water. Making lemonade I guess.
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Sorry to turn this into a daily blog.....

The male platy in question didn't come out to eat, and when forced out, just sank to the bottom of the tank. He moves around if someone bothers him, and didn't miss the opportunity to "flash" the driftwood as he passed.

Speaking of "flashing" all my mollies are doing it now, in fact they are going to town on the filter intake they are almost fighting over who gets to use the "scratching post"

When I fed the fish today they really didn't seem overly interested in eating - thought that they would after fasting for a day.

Does ick get worse before it gets better??? Did turning up the heat cause something?

The spot on the male molly's fin is still there it never "fell off" and so are the spots on the marble angelfish.

Maybe this is not ick after all?

Ugh - I hate to see these guys suffering.

On a side note my house is filled with illness this week anyway: My youngest daughter has been battling pneumonia and goes to the doctor today to determine if she needs to go back into the hospital, the oldest just has teenage-itis of which there is no cure except time. And I have two finals at the university today - so a water change will have to wait until after 5pm - that is if my sanity holds out.

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Ick can get worse before it gets better. It can last anywhere from a week to a month. Just keep treating as the instructions states. Make sure the fish in the tank (mainly mollies and platies) can handle 82 degrees. I believe their temperature range is about 75-80 degrees. 82 might be pushing it for them. You might need to drop it a degree or two. Perhaps the bloating could have been constipation?

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PaperclipGirl (03-03-2010)
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Just got home - Angelfish is bloated again....

doing water change now....
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Did 60% water change fish started perking up... rearranged some plants and the molly is no longer plastered to the heater.

The marble angel is still rather bloaty looking, but not as much as before, but larger than the Koi angel.

The male platy came out to eat this morning and socialized for a while but is now back in hiding

This morning - a new symptom and sick fish...

One of the clown loaches, who was kinda on the skinny side anyway is now deathly thin looking his bones are sticking out. He is also pooping white stringy stuff (part looks like white beads), and hanging on the bottom of the tank basically doing nothing. If it wasn't for his fins moving occasionally, I'd swear he was dead. The other is hiding too on other side of tank under driftwood and I can't see him too well.

So I tested my water
temp 80.1
Ammonia 0 *slightly over since the water change but close to 0 - tap water has ammonia in it
Nitrite 0
Nitrate 0

Medications used prior to water change Ick Away (wardley's brand)

Medication after water change: None, but used Kordon Amquel+ and API Stress Coat

Current Tank Inhabitants
55 gallon
2- Angelfish
2- Congo Tetra
2- Kuhli Loaches
2- Micky Mouse Platy (both male)
4- Creamcicle Molly (1 male 3 female)
4- Otocinclus
2- baby clown loaches (each about 1 1/4 inch - eventually to be rehomed to brother's 90g tank)

I'm at a loss - short of flushing the lot, I don't know what to treat since it doesn't seem to be ich anymore.
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Actually ick is a parasite its going to take a long time to get rid of. You turn up the temp to speed up the cycle of the parasite. The adults live on the fish and it falls off to reproduce and then attacks again. You can not treat the ick while it is on the fish unfortunate. Here this explains it better then I can

Keep on eye on your ph I found that copper safe really messed with mine and from the reading I did they are more deadly to the fish when your ph drops. The other thing I have found on a lot of boards I have read is to treat with a lower dose for a longer period of time. I haven't been doing this for long enough to know but I seen it suggested a lot. I also have seen it sugested you add an ant-biotic to prevent against secondary infections I don't but its another option you might have one thing leading to another.
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