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fish shop annoyance - diseases

Recently our large planted tank had an algae problem and despite having two SAEs in there it was getting a little out of hand.
I mentioned to my girlfriend that we should pick up a couple of bristlenoses. She wanted to go to the local fish shop but I thought it a little dodgy and said she should go to the one near her work which is much cleaner and nicer.
Unfortunately I forgot to mention that she should quarantine them first in our smaller empty tank where a lone fish is being quarantined currently.
Wehn i got home she had added the two bristlenoses into the planted tank. I didnt see this as being a major problem seeing that this fish shop was super clean and they had a pretty decent array of healthy looking fish.
The next day i noticed that one of teh bristles ahd ich. I treated straight away because my two favourite residents in the large tank were two 6 inch and beautifully healthy clown loaches! By that night however they were covered with ich and two days later they are now both dead, aloing with every tetra in the tanke - the fish that are left are all breathing heavily, fairly covered in ich and struggling through the treatment protocol.

i called the shop and despite acknowledging they had had an ich breakout, didnt want to know about my fish and certainly wouldnt talk about giving me a discount on replacements. Pretty annoyed really.

Its obvious that is where we got it from - and sure my partner should have quarantined - but this was the worst ICh ive ever encountered! Even the danios are covered in white spots after 5 days of treatment!
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thats such a shame. i had the same problem with fish lice. got 1 fish that seemed fine, within a week i lost 5 of my lovely fish including, ancistrus, clown plec and 3 gorgeous baby boy guppies. i did complain, however, and got free treatment and a free fish.
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Although i am not trying to give LFS an excuse I have seen a lot of fish that simly come from the shipper with problems. I can only imagine hoiw hard it is for LFS to quarantine an entire shipment of fish to prevent infestations. My LFS get 25-40 bags of fish every other week and they only have 6 quarantine tanks.

It always sucks to get ich form the LFS and even worse when you lose some of your prized fish from it. Sorry to hear about your loses. Hopefully you can get rid of it completely so your next ihabitants can live in peace.
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Tell me about it.

My lfs always has dead bodies in the tanks. I mean, don't employees SEE these cadavers? Usually 3 or 4, and the other fish are nipping on them.

I know better than to purchase from tanks like that, but most people don't realize.

Stores need to be more attentive to things like that imo.

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I must live in "fishkeeper's heaven" because all of my main lf's have quarantine tanks (or they quarantine the tanks on the sales floor) if they have a problem with incoming stock. My heart goes out to those of you who have to put up with sub-par lfs's that are out to just make a buck.
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Sorry to hear your loss, Zen.:( Fingers crossed for you.:)
Originally Posted by MattD
My lfs always has dead bodies in the tanks. I mean, don't employees SEE these cadavers? Usually 3 or 4, and the other fish are nipping on them.
They'll need more than eyeglasses. I have one lfs here who is suffering from a bad reputation for selling fish in tanks where cloudy water is always prominent. Add to that the fact that they still sell bettas at a ridiculously high price despite being in bad conditions.

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Ok, I had to post on this one because I have worked in fish sales for about 6 years now. I have seen stores in which there were sick fish so I am not denying that any of you got a sick fish from a store. However, the store I work at has been open for about 7 months now and we have never had any instance of ich show up on any of our fish. The water is tested daily including salt levels, each tank is gravel vacced and scrubbed once a week, and the sump has 8 huge UV sterilizers that all the water passes through to prevent disease spread and green water. However, we still get customers complaining that our fish formed Ich and then it spread to the rest of the fish.
In defense of the LFS, pretty much every fish tank has Ich in some form. Under normal conditions though, the fish's immune systems are string enough to ward off parasites. It's just how you and I might not have a cold, but there are still the germs around us that can produce a cold. Often times a new fish is put into a tank with very different water quality than the fish store it came from. This stress alone can leave it open to ich attack which then multiplies to a level that can infect your other fish as well. The fish did not bring ich into the tank but developed it very quickly because it was so stressed out by its new environment. This can be avoided most of the time through drip acclimation, not just floating the bag in your tank.
Sorry, I just had to put up a defense for the LFS. They get a lot of complaints that are most often the fault of the buyer. If the fish looks very healthy in the store and then all of the sudden gets super sick the day after you bought it, chances are it was a stress issue.

Mike H
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Sorry to hear about your loss Zen. Unfortunately, such is the nature of fishkeeping that often fish moved from breeder to LFS, and then LFS to our own tanks do become very stressed and prone to illness.

I have bought seemingly healthy fish in the past and ended up with an outbreak of ich in the tank (fortunately treatable).

While in some instances fish sold from LFS should never be up for sale in the first place, sometimes it just unavoidable.

I am really sorry to hear of your loss and hope you have better luck in future.

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